Marks & Spencer Foodhall returns to Woolwich in time for Christmas!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog Exclusive - M&S Foodhall reopens in Woolwich
The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Marks and Spencer Woolwich Reopens
Image courtesy of Grayling

Everybody loves M&S Foods, it’s a well-known fact. I’ve yet to hear someone telling me that they don’t like their food or drink. When I found out that Marks and Spencer were returning to Woolwich I was so happy. I’ve only been a Greenwich Mummy for a couple of years, I’ve actually been a Plumstead Common/Woolwich resident for over a decade so knew the old M&S store very well. I was very fond of it too, as was my dad.

When LO was born, we were still living in Plumstead Common. It’s not the greatest area to live in and the estate was practically derelict but the one thing it had a lot of was the sense of belonging – feeling like a part of a community. Something a lot of these flashy new-build flats and estates lack. Anywho, for as long as I can remember there was always a Marks and Spencer in Woolwich so when it closed its doors in 2014, we all felt a little very disappointed.

Marks & Spencer Christmas Food To Order: Last day for orders is December 15th by 5PM
Don’t forget you can choose delivery or collection at your local store

Last Wednesday 7th December 2016 at 10am M&S store manager, Calvin Sheridan reopened the doors of the high street store. What I loved most about this reopening was that a lot (maybe even the majority) of the staff members were from the original store that closed down. To me that demonstrates that M&S cares for the community and its employees. As an ex-M&S Foods employee, it makes me happy to know that the values and ethics of the company are still be upheld by new management.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Marks and Spencer Woolwich Reopens
Store manager, Calvin alongside his team cutting the store opening ribbon / Image courtesy of Grayling

Here are some more images of the new Woolwich store

… and the Coffee to Go and Bakery section

In the store’s press release, Calvin said “we’ve opened our doors just in time for Christmas with the shelves stocked with festive treats, so our customers have plenty of chance to indulge over the coming weeks.” He wasn’t wrong there! When I had a look around the store on the opening day, it looked amazing – exactly what I expect from M&S. All the well-loved popular shortbread tins were on full display, the fabulous Dine in for £10 deal could be seen as soon and as you walk into the store. Another little addition I adore is their ‘Coffee To Go’ area. There’s even a seating area by the front store window for those who wish to sit for a moment with their cappuccinos… or cake… or both. 🙂

I was kindly given a goody bag filled with fabulous festive treats to take home for the family. I also picked up a meal for the evening and went with the ‘Dine in’ deal, it’s such a bargain!

My M&S Festive goody bag contained:

  • Christmas musical pyramid shortbread tin (current on offer – half price!)
  • The Collection 12 mini macaroons
  • The Collection Dulce de Leche truffles
  • Luxury mince pies
  • Luxury puff pastry mince pies
  • Penguin Pals chocolate pieces
  • Percy Pigs ‘Merry Percymas’ sweets
  • Polar Bear Pals sweets

My Dine in for £10 deal (main + side + dessert + drink)

  • Gastropub garlic chicken & herb crumb lattice (main)
    Tender chicken with a creamy garlic and parsley sauce in puff pastry with a cheese and herb crumb
  • Minted new potatoes (side)
    With butter, chives, parsley and mint
  • Crème brulée (dessert)
    Indulgent yet lightly-baked vanilla custard
  • British Elderflower Pressé (drink)
    A sparkling non-alcoholic drink made with British elderflower

(Check out the other meal options here: M&S Dine In Deal)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How the food tasted…

The ‘Dine In’ dinner
The dinner went down a treat. Daddy P was a big fan of the chicken lattice even though he dismissed it at first as he’s not a big fan of savoury pastries and pies. LO had some of mine and he absolutely loved it too but maybe because he didn’t get any chicken chunks in his portion lol. The minted potatoes tasted deliciously fresh and only took 4 mins to cook in the microwave. I also added some sliced carrots and garden peas to our dinner just so that we got enough veggies in our meal that evening. The dessert hit the spot. Creme brulee is one of our favourite French desserts. I used to make them but since I stopped baking, I never went back to making it. Also I lost my beloved recipe for it so I just rather buy it now as it’s more convenient and M&S do the best ones. Not too eggy and not too jelly-like… yum! I love M&S’s elderflower pressé so decided to go for this over wine – I also don’t drink (neither does Daddy P) so I went with the healthiest alternative. It’s such a lovely mild taste and personally I think it’s better than the cordial versions. PLUS, it was sugar free and low calorie. A winner!

The sweets and chocolates
LO loved the Polar Bear Pals but wasn’t a big fan of the Percy Pigs. Saying that though, they’ve all gone and no-one else has ate them so I think he secretly enjoys them lol. We’ve hung the Penguin Pals on our Christmas tree so won’t be indulging in those until Christmas. The dulce de leche truffles are ah-mazing too. I think these two products would make excellent Christmas presents. I’m planning to get the pyramid shortbread tin and macaroons for my mother-in-law and some of those delicious truffles for the family gathering on Boxing day.

The desserts
I personally found the macaroons too sweet but Daddy P and my sister who came over were in love with them. Their unanimous favourite macaroon was the French almond one – they loved it so much they fought over the last one. Seriously. They found it that good. (The chocolate one was my fave.)

The pastries
I think the Christmas musical shortbread tin was mine and Daddy P’s favourite. He’s already finished a pack of it to himself. The tin comes with two packs of tree-shaped butter shortbread pieces. So yummy. These are also my favourites – I love shortbread but hand on heart, nothing beats M&S shortbread!

The puff pastry mince pies have been sadly demolished by me and me only *guilty face* although I have been staggering them out over days – I don’t have more than one of them a day – I can’t spoil my good eating habits this close to Christmas but I will unleash my sweet tooth a little on the big day haha! I haven’t touched the original luxury mince pies yet… I will probably take those with me to the family gathering. After all, sharing is caring!

If you live near a M&S, make sure you pop in and have a look around. They have so much to offer for their Christmas collection even I’m surprised there’s so much… and on offer too! Marks and Spencer are really up to date with their foods as well, you can usually find a very generous ‘free-from’ section in the majority, if not all, of their food halls. I will be back to Marks and Spencer Woolwich very soon for a coffee… Wednesday in fact.

There’s always time to squeeze in a quick M&S visit. 🙂

A little lift-selfie action of the goody bag before getting home

Their address:

M&S Foodhall Woolwich
Cadet House
2 Plumstead Road
London SE18 7BZ


3 Little Buttons

NB. I was kindly given a goody bag of M&S foods to sample for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and content are my own with the exception of the images given to me by the Grayling PR team.


3 responses to “Marks & Spencer Foodhall returns to Woolwich in time for Christmas!”

  1. Rhyming with Wine Avatar

    I honestly don’t think you can beat M&S for their food – especially at Christmas time. I can see why you are thrilled to have a store re-open near you. The Dine In meal sounds delicious, and I may have to pick up some of those truffles myself before the big day! Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dine in meal was really lovely! Definitely have a look at the truffles, they had loads of other ones.. I think the macadamia one is next on my shopping list haha 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] eventually my lovely rough-around-the-edges town will become fully gentrified. Last year’s Marks and Spencer relaunch was nice to witness because there’d always been an M&S in Woolwich so it was welcomed […]


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