Review: new natural and clean Energy Drink, Flyte


A little while ago I was sent some of these natural energy drinks to try out. I am really sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to posting this review but I guess I got a little lazy overwhelmed with all the other stuff that’s been going on in my life, at home and at work.

Today’s also the first day since January that I’ve been able to sit at the computer for more than 15mins without having to run off and do something else. I had also hit a writing block and didn’t feel like writing for ages. I’ve got like 5 posts in my drafts – started but nowhere near finished but I’m determined to get working on them soon and getting them out.

I was sent three flavours to try; mixed berries, tangerine, and citrus lemon…

Flyte drink review

Flyte’s packaging: I really like the packaging of the Flyte energy drinks. The glass bottle and matte black packaging looks very modern and sleek. It’s nothing like the packaging you would normally find on standard energy drinks like Redbull and Monster. It’s also not in a horrible metal can which makes it even more sophisticated. The hoarder part of me wanted to keep the bottles – yes, to me they were that pretty.

The energy I experienced from drinking Flyte: I tried the drinks on different days after doing different things; I tried one at home before gym, one post-workout at the gym and one when I was just leisurely at home. I  found that when I tried it before gym it didn’t really do anything for me – no buzz no nothing. I got really tired as I usually do when I’m strength training with weights and thought the energy drink could help me but it didn’t.Then another day when I tried it after my strength training workout, it actually helped! Post-workout I always feel really exhausted as my muscles have been worked to their max and are fatigued which zaps my energy levels. I purposely didn’t eat anything to drank my Flyte drink and around 30 minutes later I didn’t feel as tired as I normally did. I didn’t feel super-energetic either but the little lift I got was enough to get me out of my mid-morning/afternoon slump.

The day I tried Flyte when not working out and just being at home I felt like it gave me a little bit of energy to sustain myself longer than usual. As a full-time mum with two kids under five, I am always exhausted and this drink helped see me through to the evening. I was pleasantly surprised. I wish I had a little collection of Flyte drinks lying around for days like these because they did keep me going.

The flavour: out of the three flavours I tried, the berry flavour was my favourite followed by the tangerine then the lemon. The taste is very light and fruity; it was really nice because I was expecting that sharp sugary taste like how energy drinks normally are.

Flyte enery drinks are made without added sugars and sweeteners and contain natural -fruit juices which is much healthier and better for everyone. One of the other reasons why I dislike energy drinks is the sugar content. Being a previous gestational diabetes sufferer, I am very conscious about my sugar levels. With Flyte, I know that I can enjoy an energy drink without having to worry about spiking my blood sugar levels.

My favourite flavour, red berries! / Photo credit: Flyte

Comparison of Flyte as a coffee alternative: as a BIG coffee lover and drinker, I don’t think I will be swapping my morning cappuccinos Flyte but that’s mainly because I am not an energy drinker. If you love drinking energy drinks then this drink needs to be on your shopping list. It’s healthier, cleaner and full of natural ingredients so why say no?

I would happily purchase this drink if I wasn’t in a coffee and was looking for something refreshing and light instead of a soft drink. For me it makes a great soft drink alternative and I look forward to seeing Flyte energy drink more readily available in the local stores.

NB. I was sent three complimentary Flyte energy drinks in exchange for this blog review post. All words, content and photos are my own – photos that are not mine are credited respectively.


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