Travel: 5 reasons why you should visit Ibiza this summer holiday

Whenever I tell someone that I’ve been to Ibiza, I am always greeted with a surprised face and “Ibiza? I didn’t know you was a party girl”… The thing is they’re right, I’m not.

There’s much more to Ibiza than just parties even though they are said to be amazing! Ibiza will always be a place for the party goers but the island does have more to offer. Ibiza is a beautiful and magical island that’s great for all kinds of travellers; from solo flyers (yes, I’ve been to Ibiza alone too!) to family funsters and soul searchers. Ibiza is demographically part of Spain and belongs to the cluster of Balearic Islands – the other popular Balearics are Tenerife, Majorca (Mallorca) and Menorca (Minorca).

Wanderlust / The Travel Bug

My case of wanderlust always brings me back to this place and I’m thankful for On The Beach’s low deposit holidays option. It’s perfect for people like me who find it hard to save or book in full. You pay an initial booking deposit from around £30pp and then the remaining balance up to 2 weeks before departure. Paying off my holidays in small, manageable chunks helps me to budget better around my bills, rent and other expenses.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Ibiza should be on everyone’s bucket list. Pretty much self-explanatory and simple but that’s where the beauty lies. X

1. The weather




Ibiza’s climate is balmy and generallly warm all year long with moderate rainfall. When I first went to Ibiza back in August 2010 the temperature was around 26-30 degree celsius. I went back again in September 2017 and 2018 and the temperature varies from 24-28 degree celsius. In 2018 there was one day we got caught in torrential rain that lasted about 15-20 mins but as soon as it stopped, it was warm and humid again.

2. The scenery

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Travel to Ibiza
Overlooking one of the many bays in Ibiza
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
Ibiza’s old town, Evissa
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
Ibiza’s history at Dalt Vila

From the beautiful sea views around Antonio Bay to the historical old town of Dalt Vila, there’s a lot to see around the little island. On Sundays, you can head over to Benirras beach to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets accompanied by the sensational drumming. It happens every Sunday during the summer and is an event not to be missed.

I tried to go there by bus but got mixed-up with the bus times (or perhaps the bus just never came) so I missed it. My advice would be to catch a cab there early or travel to San Miguel a day before as the roads leading to Benirras beach gets very busy by Sunday afternoon. If you’re driving try to get there in the morning, chill out by the beach all day then get ready for the sunset in the evening. Bliss!

3. The sister islands (Formentera & Espalmador)

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
People and boat watching was simply blissful at Formentera

If the Ibiza mainland is boring you a little, take a trip out to its sister islands. Whether you head out to the pristine white sand beaches of Formentera or stop off at the secluded island of Espalmador (I’ve visited both!) it’s definitely a trip not to miss.

Formentera is a fantastic escape from the mainland. Within 40mins by boat (Aquabus) you’ll reach the pristine shores of Formentera. It looks like somewhere out of a postcard. Plenty of luxury yachts dock at its marina and its beach shores are filled with white sand and turquoise waters. You can easily find places to eat and drink, go surfing or cycling, and explore different parts of the island. It’s a great place to explore with the whole family. The cosy coves dotted along the coastline are calming and lovely enough to enjoy before the tide comes in.

There are frequent Aquabus services to Formentera from all over the Ibiza mainland for about €20 (day return). You can even stay on the island with many B&Bs, luxury apartments, charters and yachts available to rent.

There’s a tiny secluded island on the way to Formentera called Espalmador. It lies between Ibiza and Formentera and is basically a mass of land which has become a secluded getaway for Ibizan goers looking for peace and quiet.



There’s not much to do on the island apart from sunbathe – you can go nude, semi-nude, as free as you like! There is also a mud spring somewhere on the island which you can take a dip in. There’s hardly any coverage on the island so apply plenty of sunscreen, if you burn easily I’d say skip Espalmador and just visit Formentera as there’s plenty of secluded bays there plus rocky coves where you can salvage some shade.

If you’re keen on visiting Espalmador, bring a picnic, plenty of suncream as there’s not really shady areas and water bottle – there’s no food/drink places here and the Aquabus only passes here a couple trips per day. Also there’s no toilet so make sure you go before you arrive either on the boat or mainland.

4. The Hippy Market (well, the markets in general)

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
Ibiza’s largest Hippy Market in Es Cana

Even if you’ve never visited Ibiza you would’ve heard about their famous Hippy Market which is open every Wednesday throughout the summer. I remember my first time going to the Hippy Market; it was busy, chaotic but super fun! There’s something for everyone, there’s even a little play area for the kids. The last time I visited it was less chaotic but still just as busy.

There was so much to see and if you’re looking for special or unique gifts you will find something here. I picked up a gorgeous amethyst crystal necklace on a leather cord. I’d seen so many similar necklaces before but they were too expensive. I think mine cost me around €15-18 which wasn’t too bad as the quality was great and the amethyst stone looked genuine enough.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
who can resist a holiday selfie?!

Here’s a short list of the markets you can visit on the island:

  • Hippy Market – Wednesdays Punta in Es Cana
  • Las Dalias Market – Saturdays in San Carlos
  • Las Dalias Night Market – Monday and Tuesday nights in San Carlos
  • Cala Llonga Market – Thursday in Cala Llonga
  • San Rafael Artisan Market – Thursdays in San Rafael

Check out Ibiza Spotlight for the full list of Ibiza’s markets sorted by days.

5. The active lifestyle

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Why Ibiza should be on everyone's bucket list
The Surf Lounge at San Antonio Bay

The Ibizan atmosphere is super chilled. I always felt relaxed and the pace of life here seems very easy-going which is fantastic. But despite the relaxing lifestyle, there’s plenty of activities you can do around the island to keep you healthy, fit and active.

These include:

  • Surfing (there’s even indoor surfing!)
  • Stand-Up Paddling (SUP)
  • Yoga (even yoga SUP)
  • Pilates
  • Cycling
  • Watersports
  • Sailing

and so much more!

If you regularly work out, there’s plenty of gyms around the island for you to keep up your strength. Lots of the cafes offer delicious and nutritious healthy food so you don’t have to worry too much about eating junk. There’s a healthy cafe for #fitfams in San Antonio Bay called ‘The Skinny Kitchen’. They make a good salad/buddha bowl for a decent price,plus it was the only place I could find that offered matcha lattes. There are loads of nice healthy cafes around the island so don’t be afraid to explore.

For a more extensive list of things to do around the island, visit Ibiza Spotlight’s Things to Do page.

Where to stay in Ibiza

I’ve visited most parts of the island and it’s excellent wherever you go. You’re bound to find a beach near you no matter where you stay in Ibiza. Here are some of my recommendations:

  • San Antonio/San Antonio Bay is for you if you want to be where all the party and action is
  • Playa Den Bossa is for you if you want luxury hotels and party life
  • Santa Eulalia/Es Canar/San Miguel/Portinatx is great for those who want somewhere laid back and family-friendly
  • Eivissa Old Town is for you if you want to be near the marina and prefer old charms, boutique cafes and shops and want to be close to the airport

Top tips: If you want to avoid the major party season, visit the island in May/June or September/October instead. Also, the island is well connected by bus so take advantage of this if you have more time on your hands to explore the island. X

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On The Beach
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