10 Games to Teach Your Kids How to Communicate with Others

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One of the most crucial life skills is learning how to communicate. Research shows that children with effective communication skills have a better chance of fitting in the community than their peers. They also learn better and are able to cope with stressful situations. Going through communication kids training can help improve your child’s personal development.

Games to improve communication

Communication is fundamental to kids’ development. It directly impacts your kid’s progress, more so in the information age. According to studies, effective communicators are more successful in life than those who aren’t. Now that you’re at home with your little one all day and night, you need to improve your responsiveness and look for communication games that you can participate in to stimulate their development.

We’re going to discuss some fun games you can engage in to build your kids’ communication skills interactively. You can also check must-have baby items for fun games to help you teach your kids to express themselves better. Let’s dive in.

1.  The Telephone Game

This is a fun-filled game for children of all ages. And no doubt you’ll enjoy the game too. If there are not many children around, you can include other adults in the house to engage in these communication activities for kids. To play the game, have everyone participating sit close together to make whispering easy. Start with the child and whisper a simple message in their ear, then ask them to repeat the same message to the participant on their right. Make sure every participant gets a chance and make the messages complex as you continue with the game. This old school game is an entertaining way to develop your kid’s listening skills.

2. Show and Tell

This is one of the most interesting communication games for kids. It fosters confidence, eloquence, and vocabulary. Ask your little one to speak five lines and exhibit an item related to your topic of choice such as a favorite toy or meal.

3. Emotional Charades

Do you know some people struggle with understanding facial expressions? You wouldn’t want the same for your child. This is one of the communication skills activities for kids that helps them understand facial expressions. They also read body posture and signals that are a huge part of communication. You can write a few things on cards and hand them out, asking your child to depict the indicated emotion. It could be anger, sadness, or boredom. You can reverse the game and ask your kid to draw emotions that they experience daily.

Talking about emotional development, we need to mention that animal communication for kids is necessary to improve their empathy and respect for every living being.

Fun games with mom

4. Pointing Directions

Using communication worksheets for kids can enable your child to improve their written communication. It also helps them in successful navigation. Have your kid write down directions to a nearby place. Once that happens, start the journey with them towards that location. You can make suggestions on what they should have included.

5. Presentation

You can use communication devices for kids to create a presentation. Inform your child that they’ll make a presentation in front of an audience. Topics could be about anything; for instance, a simple poem about something they love. This teaches your little one to present them and can be done with kids of all ages. Research shows that people who are comfortable speaking in public make more money and become more successful than their less eloquent peers.

6. Identify the Object

You probably played this game when you were a kid. If not, here’s how to do it. You can have a few kids around and blindfold one. The others will choose an item that can be described easily. They should take turns describing a feature of the item for identification. They can also take turns with the blindfold. This effectively helps them learn essential skills for communication with kids.

7. Storytelling Using Pictures

You know this by now that kids love telling stories. Here, you present your kid with pictures and ask them to arrange all the photos in a way they tell a story. Using one picture and asking your child to describe what he sees is an exciting game that improves communication for kids.

8. Impromptu

Unrehearsed speech is a vital activity that aids your child with communication. It sharpens their public speaking ability, improves how fast they think, articulate, and organize thoughts. This is one of the most popular communication kids’ activities to build both their quick-thinking skills and public speaking ability.

Games to improve your imagination

9. Change the Leader

This game helps your child recognize and identify body language. Here, you choose one child to perform a few actions, such as stomping their feet, jumping, or clapping. The other kids repeat this action. Through smiling or winking, your little one can choose another child to become the leader and keep the game going.

10. 20 Questions

Does your child struggle to ask questions? This is an excellent game to build this skill. Gather some kids—the more, the merrier. Here, children can stand in a circle with one at the center. The kid at the center will think of a place, and the others have to ask a set of questions to determine what he thought about. The child at the center responds with a yes or no to the questions. If the group fails to guess correctly, the child wins. Simple and fun, right?

The Takeaway

When it comes to communication definition for kids, there are many ways to look at it. However, at the end of the day, you want to have a well-adjusted child able to communicate effectively. Playing games such as pointing directions, presentation, show and tell, using pictures to tell stories, or the telephone game can lay the correct foundation for building essential communication skills. Write to us and let us know about the games that you have been playing and how they’ve improved your kid’s communication skills.

Guest Post by Amalia Liberman

This is a contribution post written by guest writer. Amalia is a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer, the author has been featured in Women’s Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge with all her searching and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.


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