Hello September!

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Can you believe it’s September already?

It’s gone by so fast! It’s now approaching 7 months since the lockdown and it’s been a very long time. Lockdown psychosis – as a mum friend of mine calls it – has started to settle in and I find myself actively searching for more things to do outdoors with the kids. Good thing is that with most places opening up again, it’s more possible now to get out and do something.

So whatโ€™s been going on the blog?

Blog Giveaways
I hosted TWO giveaways at the start of August which was fantastic for everyone as well as myself – the first was a family-friendly giveaway for Peppa Pig’s new book, Peppa Pig Loves Doctors and Nurses and the second was for the ladies, the August Birchbox beauty box as I was lucky enough by pure chance to receive an extra one in the post (by accident as I wasn’t charged twice!). I will be hosting more giveaways from now to the end of the year, which I’m planning on continuing into next year. Both giveaways did really well and I’m so glad a lot of people got involved. It’s nice to give away free stuff that people actually want! ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday Celebrations
August for our family is like Christmas – with the majority of us born in August (myself, Little Man, my sister AND my brothers, 3 of my friends, my friend’s son)… there’s plenty of celebrations. We celebrated Little Man’s birthday with a Dinosaur Themed birthday party which I wrote about and there’s many resources in there to look at if you’re also planning a own dino-themed party.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Re-opening of attractions
We’ve had the majority of Greenwich’s museums opening up this month which was great! We went on an outdoor nature trail, learnt about the history of Cutty Sark and stood next to the meridian line at Royal Observatory. I have my nephew Lils with me and the kids loved the Cutty Sark so much that we’re going to head back onto the ship next week. We’re looking out for a day when there’s good weather so we can take photos. I had taken loads which I wanted to share but for some reason they never saved on the ActionCam I was using as my phone’s back camera is busted, I lost all the photos! Such a bummer but it’s okay, we can recreate new memories now that I’ve upgraded my phone. Yay!

More videos on YouTube
This one’s been the most challenging for me as it takes me so long to film, then even longer to edit and post onto YT. Youtubbers, vloggers and those that do full-time work on both blog & vlog… I salute you! You guys are amazing – especially with all the effort you go to in order to make your videos look the bomb! Mine are still not great but I’m hoping the audio’s now improved with the new phone. If not then I’m getting used to doing the voice-overs so hopefully you’ll get better audio from the videos. Unfortunately, the raw unpolished look will stay as we don’t have the best visual flat to record in but it’s the content that counts right?! LOL

Back to School

The kids will be returning back to school next week and we’ve pretty much sorted out our school uniform. The only thing that needs sorting out is the learning. WE did soooo good with our homeschooling… up until the summer holidays started. Then everything literally went t*ts up.. no joke. I feel like Little Man has forgotten everything, and because I’ve been so lazy during summer I haven’t bothered with Little Miss either (she’s starting reception class but I think I can get away with her). Fingers crossed to us! We’re starting to homeschool again – we have a week to sort ourselves out. Next weekend I’m back at work so that will be interesting and fun. We all have new PPE to keep us safe but I’m hoping for the spa guests they will still have a good experience.. and I hope they can understand me through my mask and visor. Eek! I’m just extra happy to be out of the house, back in my element and smelling those wonderful aromas of Aromatherapy Associates oils again!

Blog Changes

You’ll see a post on the blog real soon but… we’re going through some changes! Well, a name change to be direct. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been something I’ve thought about for a long time and I’m happy to share with you all that The Greenwich Mummy will be growing into The Wandering Mother. My blog has taken a few new directions which includes more of a focus on family travel as well as family lifestyle so it only seems right to give the blog a little renovation too. Hopefully, I’m making the right choice – so from September onwards you’ll start seeing a few changes here and there!

Here’s to new beginnings in September…



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