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We’re going through some changes!

In 2015, I started The Greenwich Mummy blog as an outlet for me to write about my days out with Little Man during his early years as a toddler and my early years in motherhood as a new parent. As our family grew, so did the blog. We are now a family of four (Little Miss arrived in 2016). I too have also grown as a parent and blogger and my writing has taken on some new directions since then.

With a strong emphasis still kept on our family days out and event reviews, I wanted a new name that will tie in what the blog was about, to what it is now and where it’s heading (family travel & lifestyle) by incorporating more family travel – especially as the kids are old enough to appreciate all the wonderful places we go to. So I’ll be re-branding the blog as The Wandering Mother. I know ‘The Greenwich Mummy’ name has a good spot on Google for searches as no-one else (that’s a blogger) has a similar name so I might be making a mistake here in changing it but I’m hopeful that the blog will survive.

It’ll be a while until I fully transfer over but just giving you a heads up! The changes are a work-in-progress and will definitely be a slow one. You’ll start to see the name changes appearing on posts from next month but fingers crossed it’ll be a smooth transition!

The Wandering Mother Blog

The Wandering Mother | UK Family Travel and Lifestyle Blogger

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