Hello, we’re now TheWanderingMother.com!

The Greenwich Mummy becomes The Wandering Mother

We’re going through some changes!

In 2015, the Greenwich Mummy blog started off as an outlet for me to write about my days out with Little Man during his early years as a toddler and my early years in motherhood as a new parent. As our family grew, so did the blog. We are now a family of four (Little Miss arrived in 2016). I too have also grown as a parent and blogger and my writing has taken on some new directions since then.

With a strong emphasis still kept on our family days out and event reviews, I wanted a new name that will tie in what the blog was about, to what it is now and where it’s heading (family travel & lifestyle) by incorporating more family travel – especially as the kids are old enough to appreciate all the wonderful places we go to. So I’ll be re-branding the blog as The Wandering Mother. I know ‘The Greenwich Mummy’ name has a good spot on Google for searches as no-one else (that’s a blogger) has a similar name so I might be making a mistake here in changing it but I’m hopeful that the blog will survive.

It’ll be a while until I fully transfer over but just giving you a heads up! The changes are a work-in-progress and will definitely be a slow one. You’ll start to see the name changes appearing on posts from next month but fingers crossed it’ll be a smooth transition!


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