Hello November!


We meet again…

As we move closer to December and Christmas, we wrap up the end of the autumnal months with the clocks going back last weekend. I can’t believe how quickly the year has FLOWN by (I know I say it every year but I could swear that this year has gone by faster than usual!) especially with the ongoing effects of the pandemic still looming around.

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I think I’m ready for November and the rest of the year to pass by and wash over… like a cleansing. As much as 2020 seems to have been really shitty it’s also taught me some valuable lessons and re-confirmed what my primary focus should be on, which is always FAMILY. I think sometimes people forget how important family can be – especially if you have annoying family members, or family members that you’ve fallen out with. No matter what the differences are, try to set them aside because there really is nothing more important than family as everything else really does come and go but your family are always there to stay.

Rekindle the love with your partner.
Rebuild those bridges with your siblings.
Mend the bond with your parents.

These past couple of months I have actually been really struggling to get any motivation going. I have not put pen to paper – or hand to computer in this instance – for a while now which is scary as I love blogging and writing new stories, etc. Some days I find the energy to sit down and do something but most days, I am just exhausted of everything. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

October’s round-up:

If you’ve been away from the blog last month, here’s what you’ve missed so far…

I’ve been enjoying having guest writers contributing their great articles and content to the blog and I hope you enjoy reading them too. If there’s any stories or articles that you’d also like to see more of either from myself or a guest writer, do leave me suggestions below in the comment box. 🙂

What’s been happening in RL (real life)?

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With the crappy rule of six in place, there’s not been much going on in terms of meeting up with friends and heading out for days out. This Wandering Mother & co. are already a group of four which limits how many people we can actually see but we have been meeting our friends and family separately in our individual bubbles.

The children seem to be managing well at school and end of October. We met up with our social bubble friends and had an autumnal retreat for the kids which was amazing! No trick or treating this year but we carved a pumpkin with their cousin Lils and aunty L which was a treat! I made a delicious pumpkin soup with some of the flesh. They really enjoyed themselves and had lots of sweets to make up for the lack of trick or treating. We put a pumpkin out on our balcony for anyone on a Pumpkin Hunt to discover! Look up as we’re on the 5th floor. 🙂

Pumpkin Patch pickings…

We didn’t go pumpkin picking this year (which is a shame) but saying that, there’s still time in November to pop along! Throwback to last year when we went to a pumpkin patch and got involved in Pumpkin Carving at Lewisham Shopping Centre

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