Van Gogh House opens with guided tours: A must-see for any art lover


Van Gogh House

Nestled on the streets of Stockwell was the place where Vincent Van Gogh lived in his early adult life. This Georgian terraced house reveals the unique character and charm of the late artist, and has been lovingly conserved using heritage techniques.

First opened in 201`9, Van Gogh House is a local heritage site and a unique venue for exhibitions and artist residencies. This amazing place has now opened up for the general public to view with a guided tour of the house and grounds. It’s a must-see attraction for anyone who has an interest in the arts and culture.

Van Gogh House Guidied Tours

Our tours of the house cover not only Van Gogh’s stay but a cast of other characters including Vincent’s landlady and her daughter who he supposedly fell in love with, a small boy in the 1850s who hid a time capsule of toys beneath the floorboards, a postman on strike in the seventies who discovered the Van Gogh link in the 1871 census, Mrs Smith who lived in the house until she was 100, her life irrevocably changed by the discovery of a famous former resident of her house.

Guided tours of the house are now available to book. They are held on the last weekend of the month.

Photo Credit: Van Gogh House
Photo Credit: Van Gogh House

Their long-running poster project, ‘On The Western Window Pane’ is currently in situ in the Van Gogh House front window. A new artist-designed poster is installed on the first of each month from April 2021 until March 2022. This month’s poster is by Lesley Sharpe. The next temporary exhibition, Life and its Trivial Particulars by Brian Griffiths and Frank Kent will be open on September 4th – 18th December 2021. The house will then be open Wed-Sun, 11-5pm with unguided entry tickets available. These will cost £5 per person (£3 Concession, £2.50 Art Fund) and free for under 16s.

What you need to know about the Van Gogh House tour

Where: 87 Hackford Road, London, SW9 0RE

When: Guided tours of the house are always the last weekend of the month

Price: £12 per person – a guided tour is currently the only way of visiting the Van Gogh House.

What’s included: a 45mins-1hour guided tour of the house, its famous and less famous residents, its architecture, renovations and history of the local area.

Photo Credit: Van Gogh House

The information above was kindly sent to me as a press release by Van Gogh House. All photos are credited to the Van Gogh House and should not be reused without their consent.


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