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Mental wellness. Mental wellbeing. Self-care… These are some of the words you’ll start hearing more often and believe me, they are words not to be taken lightly. If there’s anything I’ve taught myself this year and a half is to find time to take care of myself – physically, spiritually and mentally.

So much has gone on these last couple of years has really opened my eyes and made me question a lot of things. Just when you think the country has really come together and being united, it took one event for some people to really show their true colours and hostility towards others. There’s still a lot of unlearning to be done but that’s a story for another post…

What Self-care Sundays are all about.

Even when you feel like you’re too busy to take care of yourself,
find the time to do it.

Your mind and body will thank you for it.

I’ve not been the best at looking after my physical health since lockdown hit and even now, I’m struggling to find my mojo with my yoga practice and haven’t been motivated to get my fitness levels back to what they used to be. It’s going to take me a while but I’m trying to eat balanced meals to help me stay energised and at least stay healthy from the inside.

Self-care Sunday is one day a week where I do something for myself. That sounds easy enough but it’s quite difficult when you’re constantly putting yourself last. I try to dedicate at least an hour to myself after I put the kids to bed. Whether that’s a long bath soak or making a delicious restaurant-worth meal for myself, I make sure I take my time to do it and take my time to enjoy it.

Some Sundays, it’s simply just turning off all electronics and noise, lighting my scented candles and just enjoying the quietness of the evening. Bliss!

10 ways to enjoy your Self-care Sundays:

1. Take time out for mindful meditation or self-reflection

2. Dance like nobody’s watching to some feel-good music

3. Enjoy a relaxing bath soak

4. Start journaling (reflective writing)

5. Cook or bake your favourite dish

6. Sing a song, write a poem or read a book

7. Enjoy a nature walk

8. Try gentle exercise ie. yoga, tai chi, swimming

9. Get better sleep

10. Join a wellbeing masterclass


The Wandering Mother Blog | Self Care Sundays

This post was originally published on August 2021.


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