Review: Why KINN Living’s Approach To Cleaning Is the Way Forward


Conscious, greener living

I’m making 2021 the year of changes – changes for the better of course. Living for nearly a year on and off in lockdown has taught me that we need to be more conscious in our life choices. That includes being mindful about the things we buy things to how we live our daily lives. Our lifestyles now are pretty different from of how they were was last year.

I’m trying to make a conscious effort to be more ‘present’ with the kids but it’s always easy with them constantly running non-stop like a motor… most of the time I can’t think! But I’m also trying to recycle more, reuse anything that I can ie. old plastic bowls become planters, and reduce any unnecessary wastage – we try to throw away as little as possible. It helps to save the planet and our pockets.

Conscious living is the way to go

Natural, plant-based cleaning products

I’m loving all the plant-based homecare brands – they definitely make a change from the old heavy-bleach kinds. I’ve recently taken a special liking to KINN Living. They’re are a UK brand that’s natural and plant-based, and kinder on the skin but still effective at cleaning.

How, you’re wondering? Well, instead of chemical nasties and artificial fragrances, KINN harnesses the natural cleansing properties in essential oils to do the dirty work – excuse the pun.

Eco-friendly and cruelty-free

For me, this has to be the standard for all ‘green’ products – they have to be eco-friendly and against animal testing. You’d be surprised how many brands and big name companies still test on animals, especially in the hair and beauty industry. It’ll be a while before they stop but the change is happening so it’s fantastic to see homecare brands making the leap too.

All bottles are made from recyclable plastic and most parts of their packaging can be recycled again. Or, simply reuse your existing bottles by refilling with their 5L products. KINN are currently working on making refill bottles so watch this space!

KINN Living cleaning products review

I decided to give the brand a try. I’ve heard a lot about this plant-based brand before and love their packaging and eco-friendly concept. I try to be as green as I can when I can, so it’s really nice to find brands that have the same thoughts in mind when they make their products.

KINN Living – Clean Beauty for the home!

KINN Living Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaner

I actually like using bleach for the bathroom and toilet now. Never did I in the past. Usually I’d disinfect first then bleach after – I feel like I’m do a thorough job this way. Especially with young children, high traffic areas ie. bathrooms and kitchens can get very dirty and need that extra protection against germs. All KINN Living cleaning products do not contain any bleach, nasty chemicals or enzymes so I use them alone and when I need a power clean, I use alongside bleach.

I tested the lavender bathroom cleaner on the soap scum around my bathtub. I spray directly on the areas, leave for 15mins to work then rinse it off with a little scrub. The mild lavender and rosemary scent was light and really refreshing. A lovely change from the usual bathroom fragrances which are too strongly scented.

It cleaned really well too! I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not the best at remembering to wear gloves whilst cleaning so knowing that KINN is natural and as gentle as can be on the skin really helps. This is definitely a product staying in my bathroom and I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

KINN Multi-Surface Kitchen Cleaner

Originally I wanted to try the eco-friendly washing up liquid but it was all sold out so I decided to get another kitchen product to try out and review. In the past I’ve found that some kitchen cleaning fragrances are too overpowering, it becomes unbearable for me. So I usually opt for Dettol because it doesn’t have any smell. Now I have KINN, I can have a nice scented cleaning spray that’s easier on the nose too.

The multi-surface cleaner comes in two fragrances – lavender & rosemary or sweet orange. KINN uses the anti-bacterial and cleansing properties from the essential oils they use (serving a double purpose) which is why most of their products have these same fragrances and not any unusual concoctions.

I initially wanted to the lavender one but couldn’t find it on their website so I bought the sweet orange on Amazon instead and I’m so glad I did because it’s so good! It also cleans really well, just as well as other product that contain chemicals to do the job. I use it on my worktops, dining table and chairs, door handles and don’t have to worry about the children being nearby when I’m cleaning either. We have an open-plan kitchen so it really helps. If you’re like me and a bit worried about kids playing and touching nearby, you’ll love this multi-surface cleaner.

KINN Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

No-one likes smeared stains on the glass. When you’ve got messy kids like mine, this is pretty much a regular occurrence and one of my biggest pet peeves, especially as we live in a new build flat with floor length windows.

I’m not the best at remembering to clean the windows too so I do it very little. Also, because I HATE the smell of glass cleaner (stinks like vinegar!) I hate having to use it. This is the first reason why I really wanted to try out the KINN glass and stainless steel cleaner. No more disgusting smells and harsh chemicals. I also love the fact that the spray bottles have a ‘spray’ and ‘stream’ function – the latter shoots out a little more product whereas the former is almost like a mist. Something I’ve never seen on standard spray bottles anywhere! I sprayed then dried the windows with a microfibre cloth and it took a while to dry but once it was, the windows were so clean and clear. PLUS, no horrible smells!

I did find that once when I used this glass cleaner on the exterior side of the window, it didn’t work as well and smeared a lot – something to keep in mind. Perhaps it’s because I live right on the main road which is very congested so we get a LOT of air pollution, dirt and debris on our windows. I guess with the glass cleaner being a very natural product, it won’t cut through some of that dirt and debris as good as other glass cleaning products with harsher chemicals. It’s a compromise for having a natural product but something worth thinking about if you did want to try this.

So is KINN Living a yay or nay product?

Definitely a YAY!

All in all, I really like using the KINN Living cleaning products. They work well and as natural as can be without compromising on effectiveness. Their eco-friendly concept is great and will be even better once they introduce their refillable range. For me, their greatest selling point is that they contain no added chemicals, not even enzymes and rely on the natural properties of essential oils to do the work. I don’t think there’s any other brand out there doing this and I guess KINN are setting the standard here.

I’m super glad I’ve found KINN and been able to try them out, they’re now a staple in my home cleaning care routine. I’ve got my eye on their laundry care range so I will have to give those a go sometime soon too.

NB. this post contains affiliate links. I was kindly sent a sample of two KINN Living products (1 I had bought previously) to review for the purpose of this post. All phots, opinions and content are my own and should not be used without prior permission.


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