Stop buying, start borrowing! Library of Things Woolwich now open to local residents


Are you tired of buying things that you only end up using once then it goes into the murky depths of your storage cupboards? Have you ever wished that there could be a place where you can rent household items and then hand back once you’re done? If the answer’s yes to either of those questions then sign up online and get yourself down to your local Library of Things.

Whether it’s a pasta making machine or a sewing machine you’re after, you’re bound to find something you can borrow. There are a number of places in London (which I am sure will soon expand rapidly!) which have opened up over the years and it’s now arrived in the neighbourhood of Woolwich.

I first came across the Library of Things inThe Greenwich Times newspaper and wondered how many people have seen this announcement? Seems like a pretty good concept so I decided to do a bit more digging around what it is and how to use it.

Stop buying, start borrowing: Library of Things Woolwich opens up!
Library of Things Woolwich / Photo Credit: Library of Things

What is the Library of Things?

The Library of Things is a social enterprise set up by Emma Shaw, Rebecca Trevalyan and Sophia Wyatt back. The concept was to create a place where people can save money and reduce waste by affordably renting household items like drills, sound systems etc from local spaces. In addition to this, the community can help each other out by sharing their practical skills.

People from across the city can register themselves online to their nearest location, reserve the item(s) for however long they need it, then simply visit their local space to pickup the item(s) and bring back once they’ve finished with it.

Here are some interesting facts about the Library of Things I found on their website:

  • £145,000 saved collectively by borrowers
  • 40 tonnes of waste prevented
  • 88 tonnes of emissions prevented through landfill and purchase prevention
  • 20,000 extra visits to a community space
  • 1,000 people participating in skills events and volunteering

Become a borrower and help the planet? Sounds like a win-win situation! Something like this can really help to bring the community and neighbourhoods closer together

If you need more reasons for why you should borrow rather than buy, check out their website here: How Borrowing Works | Library of Things

Library of Things Woolwich

Woolwich’s very own Library of Things is located inside the Woolwich Centre Library. Items that are ready for collection can be picked up from its self-service kiosk.

Woolwich Centre Library
35 Wellington Street
London, SE18 6HQ

Website / more info:

Library of Things Woolwich at The Woolwich Centre / Photo credit: Google

Library of Things

Sign up and start borrowing at the Library of Things Woolwich

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One response to “Stop buying, start borrowing! Library of Things Woolwich now open to local residents”

  1. Libraries have been an eco friendly concept for hundreds if not thousands of years,we cant abandon them now!


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