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How to plan a dinosaur themed birthday party

Little Man turned seven last week and we decided to have a birthday party at home with family and a few friends. Even though there was so much planning, organising and prepping that went into it, I’m so glad that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Food was prepared by his grandma as she runs her own food business called P’s Place and I made small bites, desserts and snacks for the kids. We had a bespoke dinosaur birthday cake made by my good friend and exceptional cake designer Dinah’s Desserts. We played a few party games, smashed up a pinata, had a good time with karaoke and sang happy birthday to the B’day boy. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & TravelHe had so much fun at his party

Planning A Dinosaur Birthday Party

We started planning for the party about a month before the big day. We tried to keep the cost down as much but we still had to fork out a lot on catering as we had a lot of hungry people to feed. The day went pretty well according to our guests – I felt like I was rushing around like a headless chicken so felt like it was very chaotic but I’m glad the guests felt relaxed and were all having a good time.

Digitally send Party Invitations to save money and time

To cut down on cost, I made Little Man’s invitations online using Canva. It was simply a flyer (A5 sized) design and I just typed in ‘dinosaur invitation’ and Canva did the rest of the work for me. I edited the invites to how I wanted them then saved them to my PC as a PNG image. On Canva you can also choose to save as a JPG, PDF and GIF for any animated work. I created a little broadcast message on Whatsapp and attached the image along with the party details. To me, this was the fastest and cheapest way to get people’s replies. I could also tell who hadn’t replied and was able to follow up on those people easily.

If you don’t have enough time to design your own on Canva or aren’t so tech-savvy, you can download our invite and edit it with your own text on the computer using Windows Paint or something similar. Just hit the ‘download template‘ button below for the full-sized image.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Planning

Food Planning: always make more than you think you should

When sending out the invites, you’ll get a general idea of who’s coming and who’s not. If you’re still waiting for people to reply I’d suggest still factor them in when planning how much food to prepare – it’s better to have a surplus than not enough. I’d recommend plan for 10% extra in case you have some extra-hungry guests. 

We had the following dishes:

  • Hot Mains – chicken wings, pasta and fried plantain, for adults we made them seafood boil (prawns, lobster tails, crab meat, fried plantain, chicken wings and pasta)
  • Cold Mains – cheese sandwiches, turkey dinosaurs, hummus and carrots cups (crudités)
  • Snacks –  popcorn and sweeties mix, African fried biscuit bites (chin-chin), tortilla chips with salsa dip, and fresh berries fruit cups
  • Dessert counterlemon creme posset, chocolate creme pots with oreo ‘dirt’ crumbs – I’ll upload my own recipe soon, mini Eton Mess potswill upload my own recipe for this soon too, and different flavoured jelly pots

I set out the food in four sections; Carnivores (meat -based food), Herbivores (veggie-friendly food), Sweetivores (the desserts) and Dino Bites (snacks). Real Housemoms has a good list of snacks and bites that you could make for the kids and a little list of printable designs for your party. I made my own dinosaur-themed names for the food which I placed into these Ikea menu frames (50p each!) which looked so sweet.

We didn’t lay out any sweets or candy because we had these in the pinata and wanted to limit the amount of unnecessary sugar available to the children. The desserts and fruits are obviously sweet and varied enough and actually, doing it this way no-one complained they didn’t have sweets so it’s a ‘healthier’ alternative if I can call it that. 🙂

If you want to minimise cooking and prepping, I would say opt for ready-made dishes. M&S do a fantastic selection of party food and I’m sure the supermarkets do too but if you want to save money then doing it yourself is the most cost-effective way. Even just a selection of sandwiches (bread and fillers) can work well. Fruit pots and jelly pots are super easy and you get more for your money with them. The fancier desserts above are super easy to make and prepare then they just need chilling time so you can do these overnight but be warned, they can take up fridge space and won’t do so great at room temperature as they’ll start to turn to mush.. especially the Eton mess pots.

Order the Party Decorations in advance

We got nearly all of our party decorations from Amazon simply because it was easy with next day delivery. I started ordering these as soon as I could which was about 3 weeks before. The 214 piece balloon set was such good value for money. It even comes with foil balloons so I didn’t need to buy any extras but I did because I wanted loads of foil balloons around the house for Little Man to play with. Ebay was another great go-to place for party ware. I felt bad for not going to the party suppliers directly but I had to save on cost and wanted to make the most of my free PRIME delivery.

Even if you couldn’t afford a lot of party decorations, the massive party decoration sets they have on Amazon will have you sorted. All are around £13.99-17.99 and you get around 200 pieces so really you can’t go wrong! When putting the party decorations up, aim to do it the night before so you have less work on the day to sort out. Setting the room up the night before can also give you a clearer picture of where you’d like everything to be placed.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How to plan a dinosaur birthday party

  1. Giant dinosaur foil balloons set (8pcs), £9.99
  2. Auihiay 48 pieces tropical leaves decoration (48pcs), £7.99
  3. 214 piece dinosaur party decoration set, £13.99
  4. Disposable palm leaf tableware (25pcs), £10.99
  5. Disposable wooden cutlery set (150pcs), £8.99
  6. Ginger & Ray dinosaur foot print stickers (6pk), £3.99

I decided on having eco-friendly biodegradable party ware this year and so glad I made that choice. It would’ve been a lot of plastic wastage and because the palm leaf plates looked so good, people were happy to reuse them again instead of getting a new one. Woop woop! Do bear in mind that because the palm plates are a natural material, they won’t all look the same and some have different colourings and markings on the plate. I loved it as it made it look really unique and individual but some people are perfectionists and they are not perfectly uniformed plates.

Include fun Party Games to pass the time

When playing fun party games, the time goes by. Everyone joined in for pinata smashing, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the dinosaur, bingo and loved it. I’d highly recommend adding those to your party games list – for the pinata we gave each child 7 goes as it was Little Man’s 7th birthday just to give it another fun element. When the pinata broke, all the kids went crazy and it was like carnage! Such good fun but so crazy too LOL 🙂

If you’re stuck on ideas for party games, Pinterest and Google are your best friends. Seriously, there’s so many dinosaur themed games on there that you can easily pull off and enjoy. Most you can make too so you don’t have to buy them. The only game I bought was pin the tail on the dinosaur but you can easily make that too. Don’t forget to pick games where everyone can have a turn or win a prize ie. a small sweetie bag if your budget allows.

Here are the games we played:

  • Pass the Parcel – passing around a parcel and stopping to the music where the child holding the parcel would unwrap a layer. Continue until there’s a winner. For ours, every layer wrapped had a small sweetie bag or mini gift
  • Tricera-Toss – toss the rings around triceratops’ horns. I got my inspiration from Mom Trends and used plastic cones for my triceratop’s horns and plastic rings to toss around them which I bought from Amazon, you can make your own horns using toilet roll card and cardboard cut-out rings
  • Feed the T Rex – a mini bean bag throwing game, I made our T Rex look scary like this one, I completely forgot to take photos of the finished game but it looked pretty awesome
  • Pin the tail on the Dinosaur – bought on Amazon, you have to stick the tail on the dinosaur whilst blindfolded
  • Pinata Smash – I made my own DIY pinata from following a Youtube video which didn’t take too long to make the box and fill the sweets but cutting and sticking on the tissue paper was a big fiddly and time-consuming however I saved myself £15 plus P&P by doing so
  • Dinosaur Bingo – I love this version from The Okie Home which is printable and FREE! If you want to use their game, pass by their blog and simply download

Opt for a themed Birthday Cake

It wouldn’t be a roar-some birthday without a themed birthday cake. I scoured Pinterest once again for an idea of how I wanted Little Man’s cake to be. We sat down together and spoke about it – we eventually decided on a round cake and with his toy Carnotaurus and Allosaurus as the cake toppers/centrepieces.

Dinah’s Desserts made our dinosaur cake with chocolate sponge cake filled with vanilla buttercream frosting and edible gold around the outside. The cake was topped with our toy dinosaurs, chocolate eggs and luscious green sugar paste leaves. It looked like a masterpiece, I didn’t want anyone to cut it let alone eat it! If you’re looking for some cake inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest board below.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & Travel

Don’t forget to hand out the Party Favours

You can’t forget about the party favours! These are handed out at the end of the birthday party and can be anything you like from a single gift to a bag full of treats. We got our coloured cotton bags from Ebay and filled ours with a range of treats; a dinosaur pencil and eraser, sweets, mini notepad, crayon pack and a punch-balloon. Along with the party bag, we also offered our guests a chance to ‘adopt a dinosaur’. I got the idea from Rhiannon Bosse‘s blog and it went down a treat, all the guests loved it.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & Travel
Party Favours / Photo Credit: Rhiannon Bosse

P I N  T H I S  P O S T
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

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August 2020 Birchbox Beauty Box review

International Female Orgasm Day!

Yup. You read it right.

That was the theme of this month’s beauty subscription box. I actually really like the packaging, I found it very women empowering if that’s the right word to use. Perfectly aligned with my birthday month, I’m all for women empowerment and strong women.

The colourful flyer had some interesting stats around some of the taboos associated with women’s sexuality, these include:

  • 44% find it easier to orgasm alone than with a partner
  • 67% stated that external stimulation is the easiest way to reach an orgasm
  • 52% said ‘yes’ to masturbating regularly (at least once a week)
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Travel & Lifestyle
Birchbox celebrates International Orgasm Day!

For me, I don’t find those stats surprising but instead quite accurate. As women, I think we know our bodies well and we definitely know what we like/don’t like when it comes to bedroom antics. But because female sexuality is such a taboo subject, many of us find it really hard to talk about it but really, we should be owning it as part of self-love. How can we expect others to love our bodies if we ourselves don’t love our bodies?

Birchbox Beauty Box review

So back to the point of this review (the products!) let’s take a look at what’s inside the box. Everything looked pretty much like a full-sized product this month which is really nice. For once, I was excited to try out everything in there.

I also had a little look on the Birchbox website to see what I could’ve had in my box and was actually disappointed I didn’t get the AVEDA shampure composition oil! That stuff is AMAZING! I love the scent of that oil and it works so well on my skin. Aveda’s composition oils are multi-purpose so you can use it on hair, skin and nails. I would’ve rather that than the minty body shimmer. Bummer.


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Travel & Lifestyle
Subscribe to Birchbox Beauty Box

So along with a leaflet of what’s inside and a little flyer about the orgasm survey, we have:

Don’t Forget! Students get 50% off their first box (verified on UniDays)

Palmers Coconut Oil conditioning protein pack

Summer hair can be quite tricky to manage as we can all end up with dry, parched hair if we’re not protecting it enough from moisture or hydration loss. This Palmers Coconut oil protein treatment helps to strengthen and nourish dry and damaged hair. Ingredients include coconut oil, monoi oils and keratin protein keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

My only peeve with this conditioning protein pack was that it contains silicones – if you are a strict Curly Girl Method follower you will want to avoid this one. You can give it away to friends or family, or save it as a Christmas stocking filler as it looks really good to use. Otherwise if you don’t mind, go ahead and use it. My waves have become really stringy in the heat and silicones are actually an anti-humectant like castor oil so I’m going to give it a try and see what happens! Will update once I’ve given it a go.

VQ Pineapple glow serum (my fave!)

I love fruit enzyme exfoliators but have not really tried fruit enzyme serums – the closest I got to that is a vitamin C serum (from Balance Me which was fab!) so I was really thrilled to give this one a try. Just at the right time too as my go-to serum has almost finished. The serum is very lightweight and glides on the skin perfectly. It’s really easy to spread and sinks into the skin super fast. I LOVE using a serum and it’s really changed my skincare game. I recommend a serum to all of my clients at the spa and definitely feel all skin types can benefit from using one.

The VQ pineapple extract serum contains antioxidants, hylauronic acid to plump up the skin and gold reflectors to give skin that dewy, hydrated look without the heavy or greasy feeling.

Lord & Berry Line/Shade Glam eye pencil in Antique Bronze (my fave!)

In my younger days, you’d rarely find me without eyeliner on however I always stuck to classic black and never bothered to venture into other colours. Now I’m a bit older, I love the coloured alternatives – plum really brings out brown and hazel eyes, khaki is a wonderful shade on grey, green, and blue eyes, blue makes brown eyes pop and brown/copper looks fab on all eye colours. Saying that I do prefer to use liquid eyeliner over pencil.

I got the bronze shade in my box and it is a beautiful colour. I would love to see what the gold looks like but I’m happy with what I got. It’s easy to apply and glides on my lids very easily. It’s said to be blendable so you can create a smoky eye with it but I’m not great at doing smokey eye. I do however like to blend it in so it looks like a creamy eye shadow – as I said, the colour is amazing! Defo my fave to the classic black.

Real Her Goddess highlighter

This powder highlighter is the stuff of wonders. The packaging is actually the most classiest I’ve seen for a highlighter and I really like it. I’m not usually a fan of powder highlighters anymore as I prefer my Fenty Beauty cream to powder formulation as it’s more easy to apply but this is a really good alternative as it’s super smooth on the skin and man the pigment!

It’s seriously rich in pigment, I swiped a bit on my cheekbones and damn! It looked so good when the sun light fell on my face. I will be using this one again, especially when I rather a dry formula compared to my Fenty Beauty highlighter. This Real Her Goddess Highlighter would also work a treat as an eyeshadow – I will definitely use it for this too!

Brave New Care Minty Twinkle Twinkle hair & body shimmer

Super shimmery like a lot of the products in this month’s beauty box however when I opened the tub, the heavy menthol smell took over me. Wooo! It’s heavily menthol scented that I’m actually a little scared to use it. It’s definitely not a sweet minty smell like peppermint, it’s hardcore menthol like Vicks rub or Menthol cigarettes. The golden bronze colour looks fabulous though so it might have to be a product I carry with me on a beach day to apply post-aftersun for a beautiful golden glow. *update* Okay, I finally decided to use this product and you know what… I actually really like it haha! The strong menthol is replaced with a yummy vanilla scent once it’s rubbed into the skin – alcohol smell none! Definitely a winner. It leaves the skin looking slightly sun-kissed, smooth and would prob feel really refreshing on a sunny day.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Travel & Lifestyle
A lovely well-rounded beauty box for August

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | London Family and Lifestyle Blogger

Birthday Giveaway!

Get your hands on your very own August 2020 Birchbox beauty box!
Lucky for me, I received TWO Birchboxes this month (not sure if I was charged twice! I better check) but as it’s my birthday I’m feeling very generous so will be giving away my second box totally FREE! It contains the exact same products I have in my box above.

This giveaway is now closed.

NB. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases.

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How to plan a quarantine birthday party for kids

With London in lockdown for five weeks now and counting, the government have said that restrictions are NOT going to be easing up any time soon. As the country tries heavily to control and slow down the risk of more deaths and a second wave, more people will be celebrating their birthdays indoors this year. Last week we celebrated my little girl’s fourth birthday and next week will be Daddy P’s birthday. Little Man’s and mine are in August so hopefully restrictions will have lifted by then.

Firstly, I can’t believe it’s been four years since Little Miss was born! Time really does fly by – with it comes many tears, tantrums, angry moments but also many loving memories, best hugs, lots of laughter and love. These two little monsters really have turned my world upside down but I don’t think my life would be as interesting without them!

Throwback to four years ago…

Processed with MOLDIV
…Four years on (a rare moment!)

Little Miss’s birthday in lockdown

It’s been the first time we’ve celebrated the kids’ birthday at home. We don’t usually celebrate their birthday at home simply because there’s so many family relatives and friends to invite so we usually book for an activity venue instead.

We did two birthday calls via Zoom; one with friends and the other with family. It was fantastic! It was quite easy to set up and the video quality was pretty decent. There was a little bit of a lag-time with the audio but it wasn’t a major issue. Little Miss really enjoyed seeing her nursery school friends even though they were all a bit shy on the Zoom call (including us!). It was also my MIL’s birthday and she chose to do her call via Skype which was good but I found the video quality not as good and also couldn’t work out how to get all callers on one screen like I could on the zoom call.

Processed with MOLDIV

It took me around 2-2.5hrs in total to hang up all the decorations, blow up the balloons and tidy up the living room. Our space is not big as we live in a city flat but it was spacious enough for a little girl’s birthday with just the four of us. Please excuse the broken TV unit cabinet door. That’s what happens when your kids decide to play with the furniture and lose the screws that goes with it. It’s on our long list of things to replace in the house… (¬_¬’)

Birthday parties are as unique as the person celebrating; whether you choose to go all out or just get a few things to add around the house. Here are some helpful points to consider when planning your party…

How to plan a quarantine birthday party for the kids

Credit: William Montout / Unsplash

1. Plan your party at least a month ahead

Seriously, a quarantine birthday party needs a little more planning than you’d think. Mainly because it takes that bit longer to source things for the party and there’s no way you can chance leaving things to the last minute if you want everything to go to plan. I started planning Little Miss’s party a month before, well as soon as London’s lockdown was announced in March I started to plan out what we’ll need for her party.

Things like party decorations, food, presents and birthday cake should be at the top of your list. Try to have a back-up plan in case it doesn’t go to plan or things you order go out of stock. If you’re inviting family and friends to join you online, you can even make party invites online using sites like Canva which you can then send as an image via email, text or whatsapp.

If you’re setting up your decorations on the day, make sure you’re up early enough to get it all done. When I was checking the time, the hanging decorations took just over an hour but it was blowing up the balloons that took me forever. If you have a pump use it, if you have a helium tank, even better! You could potentially put up all the other decorations the night before and leave the balloons for the morning.

Note: make a list of things to do, buy, organise with a checklist so you can tick off the completed tasks as you go along. Get those birthday pressies in advance!

2. Save money buy ordering party decoration sets

I ordered Little Miss’s party decorations from Amazon. I have Amazon Prime so everything arrives in good time but I ordered early to avoid ordering for next day delivery – just to be considerate for vulnerable or priority customers. I found this fantastic 79-piece birthday decoration set which was excellent value for money. I also bought a smaller set of decorations with hanging lanterns and honeycomb balls to add some variety to the decorations. Confetti balloons are a great touch to any party, even if you can’t get helium to blow it up (we didn’t!) the balloons still look fantastic. We got confetti balloons as part of our 79-piece set. 

If you also have any party decorations from previous years that you can use again, bring them out! No-one is going to judge you for having mis-matched party decorations. 🙂 These are the decorations we had for our party: Happy birthday banner, bunting, balloons and confetti balloons, ribbon swirls, tissue paper pom poms, honeycomb balls and lanterns, confetti cannons, party cups, party hats and poppers. You could also include party streamers, birthday crowns, plastic medals (for games), glow sticks, sparklers (use safely outdoors NOT indoors), glitter confetti to sprinkle on the table, party napkins, cups and cutlery.

Note: love sparkles? Get yourself a confetti cannon like this one or a glitter cannon. They’re cheap and you really get loads even in a small cannon – be aware, there’a lot of clean up though! If the glitter cannon is too messy for you, make sure you get a pack of party poppers for a true celebratory feel.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

3. Save time (and money) with a supermarket birthday cake

We usually order a traditional Chinese birthday cake but with health and safety regulations, the Chinese bakers are not making any cakes – boo! I know that there are a few bakeries in London still open ie. Cakebox however we don’t drive so we wouldn’t have been able to collect. So we opted for a supermarket unicorn birthday cake instead which cost us £12 and tasted great! Asda do a range of celebratory cakes and birthday cakes from chocolate to vanilla sponge, in popular designs like unicorns, drip cake, Peppa Pig, Marvel superheroes. There’s even an option to create your own design in store. I think other big supermarkets like Sainsburys and Morrisons also have a great birthday cake department.

Note: if you decide to order a supermarket birthday cake, you can make it look extra special by adding a sparkler or number candle, personalised cake toppers, or anything else you’d like to decorate with. These can be also bought in store or online for personalised.

Processed with MOLDIV

4. Prepare your party food the day before if you’re a big family

If you’re going all out with party food and have a large family, you might want to prep some of your food the night before. Most party foods can be cooked in the oven which cuts down cooking time, and whilst they’re in the oven you can concentrate on the other party foods you need to get ready.

For us, we’re only a family of four so I decided to make our party food on the day. Little Miss asked for burgers so we had burgers with chips, and crisps, sliced apples and animal cookie bags for snacks. We skipped making dessert as we ate the birthday cake -we still had so much cake left over it took us 2 days to finish it.

Note: whilst you are preparing the food, keep the kids entertained by giving them a game or challenge to keep them occupied. When you’ve finished or can leave the food to cook in the oven, you can join in on the fun!

5. Get the party started with a party playlist

With apps like Spotify to help you out, you can’t really go wrong with this one. Download Spotify, select a playlist and you can leave it running in the background. Failing that, YouTube playlists are also great. You can select chart toppers or cheesy children’s birthday songs, it’s completely up to you. If you fancy compiling your own, you can do so on both platforms.

Our top songs to include in a children’s birthday playlist:

Happy – Pharrell Williams
Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder
Move your feet / D.A.N.C.E. – Trolls movie
Girls like you – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B
Mi Gente – J Balvin ft. Willy Williams

Note: why not have a game of musical statues or musical chairs just to have a bit of silly fun? If your children are older, they might not want to play but perhaps a game of guess who musical version ie. “guess who sang this song?” by playing a snippet of the intro or playing an instrumental version of the song. 

6. Ask friends & family to join in with you (virtually!)

Don’t party alone! Let the children enjoy their birthday party with family, friends and school friends. If you created a special playlist on YouTube you could even send a direct link to them so they can party along in their own homes.

We just kept it simple for ours and because our computer speaker isn’t that loud, we had our party with minimal music. We used ZOOM to host our birthday party call which allows up to 60mins of free unlimited calls of up to 20+ people. We only had 8 and that was big enough for us! We used the computer and could see all callers on one screen in the ‘gallery’ viewing mode. The screen is also much bigger than my iPhone 7 screen so I like using ZOOM on the computer for that reason.

Note: host your birthday party call on ZOOM or Sype or another conference calling platform. There’s so many you can choose from that there’s no excuse not to connect with others on your birthday.

Zoom birthday call

If your child’s birthday happens to fall on a Sunday, you can party along with events organiser, Big Fish Little Fish events who host ‘virtual kitchen raves’ with their resident DJs every Sunday at 2-4PM via Facebook LIVE stream. It’s a family rave and has become so popular since the lockdown. I’ve been a fan of them since five years ago and still love the stuff they do.

Just log onto Facebook on their page and join the thousands of other families partying LIVE online. You can even request birthday shout-outs too! Check out their previous virtual raves here:

Bonus tip: be prepared for the after party (clean-up!)

Once all the fun is over, the clean-up commences. It’s no small task I’ll tell you that, especially if you went crazy with the confetti and glitter cannons like we did. I still manage to find bits of confetti hidden around the room but I don’t mind. It’s a nice little reminder of Little Miss’s special day.

Credit: The Creative Exchange / Unsplash

She still wore her party hat and party dress two days after her birthday and we left the birthday decorations up for the whole week because I was too lazy to take them down. Plus… they looked too cool to take down earlier. 🙂

Do you have children celebrating their birthday in quarantine? If so, make sure they have a great time. Having a birthday at home should be just as enjoyable as going out. Sure, it is hard right now as we can’t visit family and friends but with all the technology around us we are even more connected than ever before so utilise it.

p i n  t h i s  p o s t !

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How to plan a Quarantine Birthday Party for kids

A letter to Baby Girl on her first birthday

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
A Family Photo – Cake by Dinah’s Desserts

Dear Baby Girl,

Happy 1st Birthday!

We hope you enjoyed it, it was a blast!

Everyone had a brilliant time and I am so grateful for the turnout that we had. We decided to host your birthday at Discovery Planet in Surrey Quays because (1) it’s close to home and a good location for everyone, and (2) the birthday package deal they offered was great value. We decided to have your cake made by auntie Dinah ( because her cakes taste scrumptious and look amazing. She didn’t let us down with your unicorn cake at all! It was definitely the second star of the show – the first being you, of course. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
A unicorn-themed birthday for Baby Girl

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
6-inch unicorn cake made with vanilla sponge and buttercream piping

Continue reading “A letter to Baby Girl on her first birthday”

It’s That Time Again… Birthday Planning!

Last year’s party was easy to plan but stressful to execute…

It’s that time of the year again. Last year was wonderful but soooo stressful and exhausting. It was LO’s first birthday and I wanted to do it BIG which I manage to do but it wasn’t easy. I thought I would be able to sit back and enjoy and let everyone else take care of things but that wasn’t really the case. Luckily, I had A LOT of help from friends and family so things did manage to run smoothly-ish in the end but I overlooked some aspects of the party such as music and food.

I had hired out the play area at the local leisure centre, formerly known as The Arches. They have a room filled with soft play, rody spacehoppers and a bouncy castle available for the ‘Toddlers World’ sessions every day of the week and I thought it would be a wicked idea to hire it for the birthday party. I think it was about £100-120 for 2 hours; one hour in the studio with all the soft play equipment and one hour in the side room for the party lunch and cake cutting. Here are some photos of last year’s event:

The Greenwich Mummy | Birthdays
LO’s 1st birthday party

We did our very own home-made cask smash. It was a good first attempt for us as we wanted a professional look but ended up with something that looked very unique, home-ly, and I loved it. We really captured LO in his moment and he had soo much fun with that cake! For those who would prefer a professional one, there’s loads of good family photographers out there that can offer you a cake smash shoot. Take a look at the stunning work from Mellz Photography who specialises in cake-smash shoots. It’s not cheap but it’s definitely value for money in terms of what you get for the quality and standard of the photos and cake too. The cake (made by Dinahs Desserts) is also included within the price of the shoot – hurray! 🙂

This year, I am thinking of two things to do for LO’s birthday:

  • Birthday party at The Rainforest Cafe in London
  • Toddler Sensory party at home
  • BBQ garden party at grandma’s house

The latter option is dependent on weather so I am not too keen on it in case we have rain on his birthday. Toddler sensory would be a great option but I’d then have to organise all the food which is the problem I was faced with last year. The Rainforest Cafe is the most ‘safest’ and slightly boring option out of the three but at least the food will be sorted, we also get a free cake if there is over 7 children in the party (which there definitely will be, we always have a large party) and it gives me a chance to plan another day out for just me, LO and Daddy P. I’ve been hinting about taking us to Legoland Windsor so fingers crossed we can do that then have The Rainforest Cafe the week after.

It also doesn’t help that my birthday is just one day before LO’s so that may mean that I will need to compensate on having a small one to have enough to plan his – I don’t mind. I’ve already decided about mine. It’ll probably be just a meal as that’s what I usually do though I can’t figure out if I want to have a river cruise dinner on The Thames…… or afternoon tea at the stunning Sketch London restaurant?

… or a night out with a meal and live music at Quaglino’s?

I’m just spoilt for choice! Bring on August and the birthday planning!

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The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Monday Morning Catch Up #10

The Greenwich Mummy | Hello June

Happy 1st of June everyone! 

This week is said to have good weather and today seems like it will be a lovely sunny day too. 🙂 Yay! Summer is finally on its way! Last week was a really good one, We just got some fish (3 rosy barbs which LO calls baby fish) and a friend came round on Friday for a good catch up. very chilled and the weekend was also the same.

LO and I went to baby girl’s 1st birthday party. It was wonderful and for the first time, LO was able to have a lot of fun without having to cling to me constantly throughout the party. I was very surprised and also happy as it meant that he is now becoming more confident in himself and his surroundings. (Aawwww!) I was given the job as the party face-painter which I think I did an ‘alright’ job but everyone kept commenting how good it was so maybe I do have a little knack for it. Here’s a little photo of LO’s second face-paint as his first one (which was a cat face) had rubbed off from all the playing and another little face-paint I did for a friend.

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Pretty simple face-paints but everyone loved it and I loved doing it which was good. At the end of the party we were all given a party bag with lots of sweets and a yummy giant cupcake which I helped scoff down for LO hehe 🙂

We woke up a little late on Sunday which then made me run late for a lunch with friends that I had. We went to Tanya’ Cafe located in Chelsea, London. It’s a raw vegan restaurant so if you fancy trying some raw vegan desserts, I would highly recommend this place. My friends had the mains but as it’s all raw food, it’s not filling at all so I wouldn’t recommend going here on an empty stomach.

As I was so late I only managed to order a drink and dessert; I have the hot chocolate and the caramel slice. Both were delicious and the caramel slice doesn’t actually have caramel in it, it a mix of coconut, banana, and possibly nuts like cashews, walnuts, and there was of course cacao powder to create the top layer of the caramel slice.

The Greenwich Mummy | Tanyas Cafe
Photo Credit: Locappy

Let’s hope the weather stays like today 🙂

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The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Monday Morning Catch Up #7

I know this was supposed to be a morning post so please accept my apologies that it’s been a bit late as I’ve been having trouble with uploading photos from my iPhone to the PC. So last week was pretty good and the weekend was a lovely chilled out one.

On Friday, 1st May we had my nephew Lils around and LO had a great time playing with him. We didn’t go out but I did take them out for a bit of fresh air which was nice for all of us. From Wednesday to Friday I have just been baking like crazy making all sorts of different cupcakes with different flavours; vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and matcha green tea. It was so therapeutic and eating them all was even more heavenly! 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up
There’s something really therapeutic about baking


On Saturday, Lils had left us earlier in the afternoon so I took LO with me to have a good catch up with an old workmate over a soya matcha latte. Yum. Then LO’s daddy and I thought about taking him to the funfair and thought why not do it that evening as we already had plans for Sunday.  When we got there, we only had 30 mins of rides but that was enough for us. It was £7.99 per person to get in (including LO) so that was £24 for the three of us and to be honest, that’s a lot for just 30 mins of rides.

We took LO onto the cars and on to the hot air balloons (similar to the teacup ride but it also goes up and down in the air) and that was it as it was cold and LO didn’t seem to sure about all of the other rides which seemed to big for his age. We left about 15 minutes after as there wasn’t much for us to do with LO – a bit disappointing after we had paid a lot to get in however I’m sure it would’ve probably been much more enjoyable and fun if we had gone when the weather was warmer, and not in the evening.

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up
This was LO’s favourite ride


Today was one of my best friend’s birthday so I thought why not pay her a visit as it’s one of the days that she had free in her busy schedule. She is a pastry chef and always baking away for her clients so I thought why not buy her a beautiful cake as a present this year. I knew she loved the Chinese/Vietnamese celebration cakes from when she tried it at LO’s 1st birthday so I ordered one for her. I get the Chinese cake from a bakery in Canning Town, London from a company called City Cakes Ltd. I ordered the smallest square size (you can choose from square-, circle-, or heart-shaped) which was 8 inches and cost me a decent £28.00. This cake should give out about 10 servings – probably more if you hand out smaller slices but I am sure people would want seconds as it’s so light and fluffy and simply delicious.

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

WPC Banner

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur”

This week, find beauty in a blur

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur
“Ring o’ Roses”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur
“Party Hard”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur
“No Time To Sit Idly & Drink”

All blurred images were unintentional. In photos 1 & 2 I think the blur really captures the fast-paced movement beautifully. The 3rd image, LO was just too fast with drinking the tea and I moved the camera away too quickly – I’m glad I’ve kept these bloopers! 🙂


The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Monday Morning Catch Up #2

Last weekend was a very hectic weekend… Two days filled with two birthday parties (one was my friend’s and the other was LO’s friend), and a carnival costume launch party to go to on Saturday evening which was fabulous.

This was LO’s second birthday party that he had gone to and was very different from the first party he went to. For the first one, the parents had organised a Baby Sensory party for her son and we were invited to join in the fun. It was an excellent party filled with games and a lovely Baby Sensory host who was very bubbly, friendly and interactive with all of the children as well as the parents.

unnamed (1) unnamed

This second party was also amazing but very different from the first one. My friend had hired a hall for her daughter’s party at Crook Log, Bexleyheath and they had supplied her with music, trampolines, bouncy castles, soft play, ball pit, slides and much more! There was so much for the kids to do they didn’t get bored or lose interest but wasn’t too big so it wasn’t overwhelming for them. LO had a brilliant time playing with all of the things especially the ball pit, she slide and the walking beams.

IMG_8875 IMG_8876 IMG_8877

Super fun!

Saturday evening, I went to a launch party for the Masquerade 2000’s Carnival theme. The launch was to get a sneak preview of some of the costumes that will be on show at the Notting Hill Carnival later this year. The costumes were amazing and I will creating a post for the actual night with photos of the costumes very soon! (It’s still top secret at the mo)… In the meantime, here are some photos of the night:


It was an all-white party and held at White Space in Leicester Square, London. The event was just amazing; the costumes were vibrant and stunning, the host was hilarious making us all feel comfortable, the canapés were delicious, the live entertainment was spectacular and the whole event had a brilliant vibe. I was so happy to be able to attend!

Sunday was a more chilled out day. Weather was terrible but I went to my friend’s birthday party. It was a good catch-up with some really old friends, it was so nice to see them all again (these are my non-mummy friends from secondary school days).

A busy weekend overall. Saturday was an seriously action-packed day and next week is looking like it’s going to be the same as we’re going to a new play centre in Thamesmead, going to the theatre to watch a children’s show and a family baptism.