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Black Pound Day: 6 businesses I’m recommending this November…


This year seems to be flying by… I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone! Honestly, it’s all been a blur – most days seem to blend into each other and I can’t make out whether it’s the start of the week or the end of the week.

Black Pound Day has grown tremendously strength by strength each month and I’m so happy to see that more and more people are spending their money consciously and doing more to support small businesses, especially local black-owned businesses.

Black Pound Day: October 3

Unfortunately, I never made it to posting my 5 recommended businesses for October and I feel so bad for it, especially as it was also UK’s Black History Month. I’m posting last month’s round-up for this month PLUS an extra upcoming business that’s created by kids for you to feast on. Yes, children – you’re never too early to start a business! 

Beauty & Home: Neriyas

If 2020 has got you stuck in a rut, feeling a little down or mentally and physically exhausted, uplift your spirits and mental wellbeing by spending a little more self-care time on yourself. This is something that Neriyas promote highly; Neriyas is a natural beauty and homecare brand centered on helping you improve your self-care. The candles look beautiful and would be the perfect addition to the home – think of it as an early Christmas treat! Neriyas facial oil cleanser is becoming a new favourite for many natural skincare junkies. You can also get 10% off your purchases when you sign up on the website.

Check out how beautiful the products are on IG: @neriyasldn

Health & Wellness: Black Kids Do Yoga

Sonjoria Sydnor is the founder of Sydnorville Books and creator of @BlackKidsDoYoga. She recently launched her first book, Our Family’s Doing Yoga. It’s available for international shipping (she’s US based) which means you can enjoy the book wherever you are. The book is a fantastic read and the perfect introduction to yoga for the whole family.

If you have been following me for a little while, you’ll know that I love yoga and trained to be a Kids & Family Yoga Teacher a couple years ago. Yoga is a fantastic health benefit, not only for the body, but for the mind also… and it works just as well on children. 

Yoga has so many benefits for both adults and children. In children, it can help to calm their busy little bodies and minds, help improve concentration and focus, and encourage them to be more confident with their bodies and self-awareness. It can also be a great way to keep them active, engaged and creative.

Keep up with Sonjoria on instagram at @blackkidsdoyoga and @sydnorvillebooks.

Books/Education: How To Raise A Kind Child In A Prejudiced World by Uju Asika

Black Lives Matter was one of the pinnacle moments of 2020. The BLM movement is nothing new (it’s has been around since 2013), but once again, has shook the world again light of George Floyd’s murder. People all around the world are trying to unlearn any unconscious racial bias, learn how to properly form allyship and making the world a more inclusive place, not just for black people but for all people of colour. This fantastic book by fellow family lifestyle blogger, Uju Asika who blogs at Babes About Town (check her out!) has written a book on how to raise children in a kind and inclusive way. You can purchase the book here.

Follow Uju on Instagram: @babesabouttown

Hair & Beauty: MelaninMade Black Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil is one of the most popular ingredients in all good haircare and beauty products. The first time I discovered black castor oil was in Shea Moisture’s popular Jamaican Black Castor Oil haircare and Tropical Isle’s oil however pure black castor oil works even betterMelaninMade has harnessed the powerful properties of this oil and bottled it in the most natural way possible (she grows her own castor bush on her organic farm back home in Jamaica!) for us to receive all of its magical goodness. Pure and unrefined, MelaninMade’s Jamaican black castor oil is excellent for improving hair and scalp conditions, fading scars, stretch marks, and a range of skin conditions.

See before and after photos on Instagram:

Lifestyle: Bubble of London

Owned by two friends from France, the duo have brought to us a whole new level of lifestyle luxury. Ever wanted to have your own hot tub but didn’t want to commit to buying one? Well, now you can! Bubble of London are a hot tub hiring company; completely mess-free, the guys come and set up/dismantle everything for you so you can just sit back and enjoy the bubbles. Bubble of London also offer hiring packages including balloons, shisha pipes, screen projectors and disco lights for all of your home entertainment needs.

Full info, prices and packages on Instagram: @bubbleoflondon

NEW! RISING STAR: Tinie Treats

TINIE TREATS is a new and upcoming postal dessert box business, created by three little bakers. The business is L2 Food Hygiene certified and is currently in its testing stage so keep an eye out for their debut launch on instagram. The concept is that you select your freshly baked treats, which will be packed and sent out to you via UK post. Follow their progress on Instagram and if you’re looking to invest in this small ventures, they are open to proposals. 

More info on IG: @tinietreats

2020 Calendar Dates

Here’s a list of all the upcoming Black Pound Day dates until the end of the year. No more guessing of when it is, just save the image to your phone or desktop and you’re good to go.

Black Pound Day September 2020
Black Pound Day Dates

For a full list of black businesses, visit:

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Black Pound Day: 5 businesses I’m recommending this month…


That’s another month gone already! Last Black Pound Day: August I listed five wonderful businesses where you could put your money to good use. This month, I’ve got another five lined up for you. Same again, each of the businesses are from a different category but check out Black Pound Day’s official website for a comprehensive list of black-owned businesses local to you.

Food: Dinah’s Desserts

Need a birthday cake? Dinah’s Desserts is my go-to baker and cake designer. Her culinary background and skills stem from working in Michelin star restaurants and it really shows in her attention to detail. I always splash out on a cake for the kids’ birthdays because they always look the best and are made to perfection. Here are two of my favourite designs – the dinosaur and the unicorn…

Food: Eat of Eden

Finding a vegan food spot a few years ago would’ve been a difficult task but with the rise of free-from foods, vegan eateries are now popping up all over London which is fantastic news. Eat of Eden offers deliciously tasty vegan platters (small, medium and large), vegan patties, burgers, natural juices and sea moss juices. Healthy. Hearty. Wholesome. Just pure delicious. There’s a few of them dotted around London so you’re bound to find one near to you. I went to the Brixton one but there’s one coming soon to Lewisham, South London. 

Eat of Eden also taking part in the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme from Mon-Wed.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog Supports Black Pound Day
Eat of Eden platter / Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Arts & Education: Black History Activity Books

Finding resources that support important black figures has always been hard for me because I never really knew where to look. But since the rise of the BLM movement, I am finding it a little easier now to find culturally diverse reading and learning resources. These Black History Activity Books are amazing. They offer a wide range of fun activities for children from colouring in to spot the difference, and there’s also lots of interesting facts to learn too. We chose Malcom X, Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey. There’s so many to choose from (I think up to 50!) so do check them out. They’d also make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & Travelthe kids with their new activity books

Home: Savour Candles

When I first saw these candles, I knew they had to be amazing. They’re made from 100% soy wax, are non-toxic and because it’s completely made of soy, you won’t experience that horrible soot and smell after putting the candle out. Soy candles are also known to burn at least 25% longer than their paraffin counterparts. The white glass jar is so pretty and would look amazing in any room. Savour Candles also don’t stop at candles either – they also offer wax melts, melt posts, reed diffusers. If you’re not sure which fragrance to go for, you can order free scent sticks to help you choose one (or a few!) more easily.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog supports Black Pound Day 2020
Photo Credit: Savour Candles

Business: I AM? ME! non-profit CIC

I Am? Me! is a new female-owned BME social-enterprise that has been set up to provide inclusive black and minority ethnic resources for parents, teachers, educators and child carers. The company is completely new and is relying on fundraising to help them grow and expand their outreach. Their Go Fund Me page has so far raised a good amount but still need a lot more help. If you are in a position to donate please do, but if not then you can still help by sharing their page with others or on social media.

2020 Calendar Dates

Here’s a list of all the upcoming Black Pound Day dates until the end of the year. No more guessing of when it is, just save the image to your phone or desktop and you’re good to go.

Black Pound Day September 2020
Black Pound Day Dates

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How to plan a dinosaur themed birthday party

Little Man turned seven last week and we decided to have a birthday party at home with family and a few friends. Even though there was so much planning, organising and prepping that went into it, I’m so glad that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Food was prepared by his grandma as she runs her own food business called P’s Place and I made small bites, desserts and snacks for the kids. We had a bespoke dinosaur birthday cake made by my good friend and exceptional cake designer Dinah’s Desserts. We played a few party games, smashed up a pinata, had a good time with karaoke and sang happy birthday to the B’day boy. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & TravelHe had so much fun at his party

Planning A Dinosaur Birthday Party

We started planning for the party about a month before the big day. We tried to keep the cost down as much but we still had to fork out a lot on catering as we had a lot of hungry people to feed. The day went pretty well according to our guests – I felt like I was rushing around like a headless chicken so felt like it was very chaotic but I’m glad the guests felt relaxed and were all having a good time.

Digitally send Party Invitations to save money and time

To cut down on cost, I made Little Man’s invitations online using Canva. It was simply a flyer (A5 sized) design and I just typed in ‘dinosaur invitation’ and Canva did the rest of the work for me. I edited the invites to how I wanted them then saved them to my PC as a PNG image. On Canva you can also choose to save as a JPG, PDF and GIF for any animated work. I created a little broadcast message on Whatsapp and attached the image along with the party details. To me, this was the fastest and cheapest way to get people’s replies. I could also tell who hadn’t replied and was able to follow up on those people easily.

If you don’t have enough time to design your own on Canva or aren’t so tech-savvy, you can download our invite and edit it with your own text on the computer using Windows Paint or something similar. Just hit the ‘download template‘ button below for the full-sized image.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Planning

Food Planning: always make more than you think you should

When sending out the invites, you’ll get a general idea of who’s coming and who’s not. If you’re still waiting for people to reply I’d suggest still factor them in when planning how much food to prepare – it’s better to have a surplus than not enough. I’d recommend plan for 10% extra in case you have some extra-hungry guests. 

We had the following dishes:

  • Hot Mains – chicken wings, pasta and fried plantain, for adults we made them seafood boil (prawns, lobster tails, crab meat, fried plantain, chicken wings and pasta)
  • Cold Mains – cheese sandwiches, turkey dinosaurs, hummus and carrots cups (crudités)
  • Snacks –  popcorn and sweeties mix, African fried biscuit bites (chin-chin), tortilla chips with salsa dip, and fresh berries fruit cups
  • Dessert counterlemon creme posset, chocolate creme pots with oreo ‘dirt’ crumbs – I’ll upload my own recipe soon, mini Eton Mess potswill upload my own recipe for this soon too, and different flavoured jelly pots

I set out the food in four sections; Carnivores (meat -based food), Herbivores (veggie-friendly food), Sweetivores (the desserts) and Dino Bites (snacks). Real Housemoms has a good list of snacks and bites that you could make for the kids and a little list of printable designs for your party. I made my own dinosaur-themed names for the food which I placed into these Ikea menu frames (50p each!) which looked so sweet.

We didn’t lay out any sweets or candy because we had these in the pinata and wanted to limit the amount of unnecessary sugar available to the children. The desserts and fruits are obviously sweet and varied enough and actually, doing it this way no-one complained they didn’t have sweets so it’s a ‘healthier’ alternative if I can call it that. 🙂

If you want to minimise cooking and prepping, I would say opt for ready-made dishes. M&S do a fantastic selection of party food and I’m sure the supermarkets do too but if you want to save money then doing it yourself is the most cost-effective way. Even just a selection of sandwiches (bread and fillers) can work well. Fruit pots and jelly pots are super easy and you get more for your money with them. The fancier desserts above are super easy to make and prepare then they just need chilling time so you can do these overnight but be warned, they can take up fridge space and won’t do so great at room temperature as they’ll start to turn to mush.. especially the Eton mess pots.

Order the Party Decorations in advance

We got nearly all of our party decorations from Amazon simply because it was easy with next day delivery. I started ordering these as soon as I could which was about 3 weeks before. The 214 piece balloon set was such good value for money. It even comes with foil balloons so I didn’t need to buy any extras but I did because I wanted loads of foil balloons around the house for Little Man to play with. Ebay was another great go-to place for party ware. I felt bad for not going to the party suppliers directly but I had to save on cost and wanted to make the most of my free PRIME delivery.

Even if you couldn’t afford a lot of party decorations, the massive party decoration sets they have on Amazon will have you sorted. All are around £13.99-17.99 and you get around 200 pieces so really you can’t go wrong! When putting the party decorations up, aim to do it the night before so you have less work on the day to sort out. Setting the room up the night before can also give you a clearer picture of where you’d like everything to be placed.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How to plan a dinosaur birthday party

  1. Giant dinosaur foil balloons set (8pcs), £9.99
  2. Auihiay 48 pieces tropical leaves decoration (48pcs), £7.99
  3. 214 piece dinosaur party decoration set, £13.99
  4. Disposable palm leaf tableware (25pcs), £10.99
  5. Disposable wooden cutlery set (150pcs), £8.99
  6. Ginger & Ray dinosaur foot print stickers (6pk), £3.99

I decided on having eco-friendly biodegradable party ware this year and so glad I made that choice. It would’ve been a lot of plastic wastage and because the palm leaf plates looked so good, people were happy to reuse them again instead of getting a new one. Woop woop! Do bear in mind that because the palm plates are a natural material, they won’t all look the same and some have different colourings and markings on the plate. I loved it as it made it look really unique and individual but some people are perfectionists and they are not perfectly uniformed plates.

Include fun Party Games to pass the time

When playing fun party games, the time goes by. Everyone joined in for pinata smashing, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the dinosaur, bingo and loved it. I’d highly recommend adding those to your party games list – for the pinata we gave each child 7 goes as it was Little Man’s 7th birthday just to give it another fun element. When the pinata broke, all the kids went crazy and it was like carnage! Such good fun but so crazy too LOL 🙂

If you’re stuck on ideas for party games, Pinterest and Google are your best friends. Seriously, there’s so many dinosaur themed games on there that you can easily pull off and enjoy. Most you can make too so you don’t have to buy them. The only game I bought was pin the tail on the dinosaur but you can easily make that too. Don’t forget to pick games where everyone can have a turn or win a prize ie. a small sweetie bag if your budget allows.

Here are the games we played:

  • Pass the Parcel – passing around a parcel and stopping to the music where the child holding the parcel would unwrap a layer. Continue until there’s a winner. For ours, every layer wrapped had a small sweetie bag or mini gift
  • Tricera-Toss – toss the rings around triceratops’ horns. I got my inspiration from Mom Trends and used plastic cones for my triceratop’s horns and plastic rings to toss around them which I bought from Amazon, you can make your own horns using toilet roll card and cardboard cut-out rings
  • Feed the T Rex – a mini bean bag throwing game, I made our T Rex look scary like this one, I completely forgot to take photos of the finished game but it looked pretty awesome
  • Pin the tail on the Dinosaur – bought on Amazon, you have to stick the tail on the dinosaur whilst blindfolded
  • Pinata Smash – I made my own DIY pinata from following a Youtube video which didn’t take too long to make the box and fill the sweets but cutting and sticking on the tissue paper was a big fiddly and time-consuming however I saved myself £15 plus P&P by doing so
  • Dinosaur Bingo – I love this version from The Okie Home which is printable and FREE! If you want to use their game, pass by their blog and simply download

Opt for a themed Birthday Cake

It wouldn’t be a roar-some birthday without a themed birthday cake. I scoured Pinterest once again for an idea of how I wanted Little Man’s cake to be. We sat down together and spoke about it – we eventually decided on a round cake and with his toy Carnotaurus and Allosaurus as the cake toppers/centrepieces.

Dinah’s Desserts made our dinosaur cake with chocolate sponge cake filled with vanilla buttercream frosting and edible gold around the outside. The cake was topped with our toy dinosaurs, chocolate eggs and luscious green sugar paste leaves. It looked like a masterpiece, I didn’t want anyone to cut it let alone eat it! If you’re looking for some cake inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest board below.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & Travel

Don’t forget to hand out the Party Favours

You can’t forget about the party favours! These are handed out at the end of the birthday party and can be anything you like from a single gift to a bag full of treats. We got our coloured cotton bags from Ebay and filled ours with a range of treats; a dinosaur pencil and eraser, sweets, mini notepad, crayon pack and a punch-balloon. Along with the party bag, we also offered our guests a chance to ‘adopt a dinosaur’. I got the idea from Rhiannon Bosse‘s blog and it went down a treat, all the guests loved it.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Family Lifestyle & Travel
Party Favours / Photo Credit: Rhiannon Bosse

P I N  T H I S  P O S T
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How To Plan a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

NB. This post contains affiliate links.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Supporting Black Pound Day

Black Pound Day: 5 black-owned businesses to buy from this month

Black Pound Day: Aug 1st

If you’ve not heard of it then just type the hashtag into Google or any social media platform and you’ll find an array of things. Black Pound Day was set up to encourage people to discover, buy from and support black-owned businesses on one day a month. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it everyday or regularly – it’s completely up to you.

Find out more: what is Black Pound Day?

Following the wake from the BLM movement, the energy seems to have died down a little but I am positive that more and more people are doing their bit to help out. The first Black Pound Day was held on 27 June and will be every first Saturday of the month going forward. The next one is 1 August which is this just around the corner!

I will be creating a series for Black Pound Day as there are so many great black-owned businesses out there and they’re all waiting to be discovered and supported so here’s my list of five businesses that I’m sharing with you this month…

5 black-owned businesses to support & buy from:

Food: P’s Place

P’s Place is a family-run business in South-East London. If you’re a big fan of seafood and never tried a seafood boil… you are missing out! P’s Place offers seafood boil bags, seafood platters and chicken platters. With a range of sides to accompany your main, you’re almost spoilt for choice. Daddy P and I are a BIG fan of the seafood boil bag – it’s delicious, so well seasoned and the boil bag is big enough for two to share. The kids LOVE the creamy pasta and plantain bites. We’re having a birthday party for Little Man and they’ll be catering the day for us – there’s going to be some serious food-scoffing happening that day!

With platters starting from £10.00, if you’re able to collect from South East London, I’d highly recommend giving them a try! Follow them on Instagram @_psplace for food updates, orders and enquiries.

Food: Neema Food

Neema Food makes authentic African chilli pastes from their family recipes from DR Congo. Daddy P is from Republic of Congo so it would be interesting to see whether the two dividing countries fair up. I love heat and spice but unfortunately I’m a bit of a wimp but I can see they have a sweet green chilli paste which offers a medium heat. It’s vegan too!

There’s also a mini taster set of three different pastes for only £6.00! That’s going into my basket this weekend. Not sure what to do with your pastes? There’s even recipes on their website for some cooking inspiration to get you going in the kitchen. Amazing!

Beauty: Naturally Perfect

I have to thank my friend and fellow blogger, NahdzAdventures for introducing me to Naturally Perfect because that’s exactly what they are! Little Miss Ams suffers from eczema and I have been really lazy with keeping her skin moisturised and combined with the summer humid weather, it’s caused her skin to flare up. I have been using just  shea butter but it wasn’t enough so I decided to give Naturally Perfect Sheena’s Gold – The Remedy a go. I know how great shea butter and lavender can be for treating skin conditions like eczema but it seems that Naturally Perfect’s combination of essential oils and natural rich butters are just magical.

Little Miss’ eczema looked much better within a week and with after continuous use, her flare-ups are gone. The butter smells so good, everyone in the house uses it and it really lasts! If the jar is a bit costly, you can purchase the butter in a tube bag which halves the cost – it’s saves so much money and you can even use ClearPay to help you pay in installments. My next treat will be the Sweet Summer edition!

Hair: Bouclème

I really love the Bouclème and can’t get enough of their products. There’s another black-owned brand that I like called AfroCenchix (I was lucky enough to meet one of the co-founders once!) but they’re slightly out of my budget and Bouclème also offers a brilliant range.

Bouclème is a British brand (yay!), completely natural (double yay!) and completely ethical in their approach (triple yay!). The products are available from Look Fantastic however as it’s for Black Pound Day, I’d advising buying straight from the brand’s website. For new customers, you can get 10% off your first order by subscribing to their newsletter. Our fave Bouclème products are the curl cream and curl defining gel – if you’re not sure, they sell travel-sized products and travel sets too so you can try them without splashing out.

Gifts: Cherish Me

I am in LOVE with Cherish Me products! It all started off with me looking for a gift for Little Miss and I wanted something that she can keep and cherish as she grows older. I looked at affirmation cards and came across the ones from Cherish Me and they were so adorable! The little illustrations are super sweet and the cards are a perfect size for small hands.

The collection is available only on Etsy and they also sell cool tshirts, prints, cards and more. These NYKS empowerment cards are super sweet and would make great gifts or keepsakes for young girls.

Want to have a look at other businesses to buy from?

No problem! Simply head over to the Black Pound Day official website and use their search toolbar – there’s so many businesses on there to take your pick from.

A letter to Baby Girl on her first birthday

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
A Family Photo – Cake by Dinah’s Desserts

Dear Baby Girl,

Happy 1st Birthday!

We hope you enjoyed it, it was a blast!

Everyone had a brilliant time and I am so grateful for the turnout that we had. We decided to host your birthday at Discovery Planet in Surrey Quays because (1) it’s close to home and a good location for everyone, and (2) the birthday package deal they offered was great value. We decided to have your cake made by auntie Dinah ( because her cakes taste scrumptious and look amazing. She didn’t let us down with your unicorn cake at all! It was definitely the second star of the show – the first being you, of course. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
A unicorn-themed birthday for Baby Girl

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Unicorn Cake by DinahsDesserts
6-inch unicorn cake made with vanilla sponge and buttercream piping

Continue reading “A letter to Baby Girl on her first birthday”

Happy New Year! My Goals for 2017

Happy New Year everybody! 

I can’t believe a year has come and gone already – it has gone so fast and so much has happened since last year.

I’ve had a new baby, LO turned three, Baby Girl had her first Christmas and is now standing and cruising at 7 months, I started my yoga practice, fitness journey, and Daddy P and I had our 10th year anniversary. I’ve also found out on of my closest friends is expecting. Such joyous times!

2016 was not really a bad year for us. I’ve seen loads of things on my SM feeds like “f**k 2016 and its negativity, etc” so maybe it wasn’t the best year for some. We did experience slightly more money problems this year but that was to be expected as we now have an extra person added to our family.

Life Goals 2017

I set myself some pretty achievable goals for 2017. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution because the term gets used a lot for novelty goals that people never really stick to. For me, 2017 is all about adopting a sustainable lifestyle; eating a balanced diet, keeping fit regularly, adding in a few minutes of meditation here and there, and to be mindful in everything I do. Continue reading “Happy New Year! My Goals for 2017”

The Greenwich Mummy | Events: Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Greenwich Mummy | Chinese New Year

(Dates for your diary)

Saturday 13th February

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
11:00am to 4:00pm (FREE)

Sunday 14th February

London Chinatown and Trafalgar Square,
From 10am (FREE)

Wednesday 3rd February – Sunday 6th March

Chiswick House & Gardens, W4 2QN
(Click the link below for times & tickets)

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

The different flavours of Chinese Mooncakes

Vietnamese Sticky Rice Mooncake

Known as Tết Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival) is a special occasion where Vietnamese people celebrate by give mooncakes to friends and family as a symbol of well-wishing. It’s a very old tradition, passed on from generations to generations. I certainly remember eating my fair share of the cakes and hated the Chinese mooncakes with the egg yolk inside but loved the seriously sweet sticky-rice version that the Vietnamese eat. I will be indulging in a Vietnamese mooncake this year; it’ll be LO’s first time trying it. I might have to get a Chinese one as well so he can sample the various flavours. 🙂

If you fancy a taste, pop into your local Chinese/Vietnamese supermarket or cash and carry like See Woo to grab one of these. Be quick though as they are so popular and well-known to sell out very quickly!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature