Marks & Spencer Foodhall returns to Woolwich in time for Christmas!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog Exclusive - M&S Foodhall reopens in Woolwich

Everybody loves M&S Foods, it’s a well-known fact. I’ve yet to hear someone telling me that they don’t like their food or drink. When I found out that Marks and Spencer were returning to Woolwich I was so happy. I’ve only been a Greenwich Mummy for a couple of years, I’ve actually been a Plumstead Common/Woolwich […]

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Review: The Magic Chair | The Search for Santa Personalised Book

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Magic Chair: The Search For Santa Book Review

With Christmas being just under seven weeks away, now is the time to start making those presents lists, budgeting for the food, gifts and booze (if you drink)… oh and of course the family gatherings and work do’s. Luckily for our little family of four, Daddy P and I don’t drink so we will be […]

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Here’s What We Got LO This Christmas…

Christmas Tree

To be honest, I think we’ve gone a little overboard as we ended up spending so much on LO and not much on anyone else this year. I feel a bit guilty but I’ve been strapped for cash and Daddy P wanted to splash out on him so we got a few good things and […]

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I’ve already put up my Christmas tree!

I can’t believe that Christmas is just a month (and a half) away?! I’m not joking, I’ve already put up my tree but I’m not going to post a photo just yet as it’s still slightly bare so I’ve found a pretty photo on Google for you to admire in the meantime… Bring on the cinnamon […]

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