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Gender Labelling: “Purple is for girls”… why hearing this really rattles my cages


I don’t usually write posts like this and usually leave the serious stuff to the better writes but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and opinions on gender labelling.

Last week LO and his cousin Lils were playing with the Paw Patrol puzzle my friend Coco got LO for Chirstmas.

The next thing I heard come out of Lils’ mouth was:

“purple is for girls” 

I stopped my instagram surfing to look up and say in defense, “Purple is not just for girls. Purple is for everyone“.
Yes. I made sure I placed heavy emphasis on everyone. This is because it’s not the first time it’s happened.

There’s been other times when they’re playing together – happy as Larry – before my little nephew decides to tell LO that something he likes is “for girls” which really pisses me off. It’s something that I’m a little hypocritical about because I don’t have a problem with buying Baby Girl pink clothes and LO blue clothes when he was a baby BUT (and that’s a big but) I would not avoid ‘boyish’ colours for her and I certainly didn’t avoid ‘girly’ colours for LO. In fact, LO had a few pink, pastel and purple baby grows and shirts. Maybe not a whole pink outfit but he had touches of pinks etc in his little wardrobe. Continue reading “Gender Labelling: “Purple is for girls”… why hearing this really rattles my cages”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV”

The Greenwich Mummy | ROYGBIV

So this weekly’s photo challenge is a bit late – I’m really sorry. I just didn’t have anything in my archives that I found ideal to use as a single image so I decided to make a collage. It took me a day or two to gather a few of these photos together and I decided to use a photo to represent a colour; Red (balloon), Orange (apricot), Yellow (lemon), Green (matcha iced drink), Blue (sky), Indigo (Flower on the Birchbox), and Violet (the bar in LO’s photo).


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