My Kaya Jewellery Wishlist + Amazing Giveaway!

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I made a wishlist or hosted any giveaways so I am over the moon to be hosting a brand new jewellery giveaway! 🙂

You can be in with a chance of winning a ÂŁ40 gift voucher to spend at Kaya Jewellery – a UK handmade and personalised jewellery company with a conscience. Part of the company’s project goes towards the Eduki Foundation which helps children in Gambia get an education. Personally I am a big advocate of improving children’s education and I think the company is doing a great job to help out – last year, the they donated 2,500 euros to the Eduki Foundation.

I want to kick start the giveaway with my top 5 wishlist items to give you guys a glimpse into what Kaya Jewellery offers.

They have a fabulous range of both silver and pearl jewellery but not much is available if you’re more of a gold jewellery fan. There are a few really nice gold pieces on the site but I think the majority is silver jewellery. Being a fan of both gold and silver, I find that silver jewellery stands out more against my skin whereas gold jewellery blends in with my skin tone a little bit more. Right now… I’m a fan of silver jewellery.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 wishlist items:

1. Jasseron Bracelet with initial engraving


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist & Giveaway
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This beautiful silver Jasseron bracelet has solid soldered links which makes the bracelet stronger. It’s available in both women’s and baby’s size and can be engraved with one or two initials. I love the heart and pear charm – it’s so adorable. I wouldn’t purchase it for Baby Girl because she’s only 13 months old so a little too young in my opinion to wear jewellery accessories but it’d make a great gift for an older child or teenager.

2. Personalised ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ star necklace


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist & Giveaway
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This silver engraved Twinkle Twinkle chain is so cute and perfect for little girls. There’s something I find really innocent and child-like about star pendants on a chain. This one even comes with a coloured pearl charm which you can choose the colour of. This silver necklace can be engraved on both the front and the back but it’s limited to 9 characters so bear that in mind.

3. Matching Mum & Me necklaces


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist & Giveaway
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This silver Mum & Me necklace set would make a really good Mother’s Day gift or a birthday gift for yourself and/or your daughter. I love the design concept of the child’s heart pendant fitting into the mum’s pendant. It’s so clever. Like the previous two items in my wishlist this one also has the pearl charm… I think I have a secret thing for pearls! 🙂

4. Silver ‘Entwined’ necklace


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist and Giveaway
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This silver necklace ‘entwined’ design is very symbolic – to me the larger ring represents the mother and the small one represents the child. As stated above, you can personalise the rings if you want to (why wouldn’t you?) with up to 20 characters on the large ring and up to 8 characters on the smaller ring. The engraving is also done by hand by the company owner, Tanja – it doesn’t get any more personalised than that. I chose this necklace because even though it’s quite a simple design, sometimes the simpler ones are the most beautiful.

5. Silver baby bangle


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist and Giveaway
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No wishlist for baby jewellery can be complete without one of these. It’s a staple jewellery piece and one of the only things I would buy for Baby Girl at this age as it’s simple and can’t be a choking hazard due to the design. A silver baby bangle is one of the ultimate baby jewellery gifts you could buy and the engraving option makes it extra special and extra personalised. I wanted to get one of these for Baby Girl’s first birthday but didn’t have enough money as we spent it all on her birthday party so it’s on our list for this Christmas instead.

About Kaya Jewellery
Kaya Jewellery is a UK company that specialises in handmade, personalised jewellery for mums, mum and daughter, baby / children and “3 generations” (nan, mum, baby). They offer personalised engraving, gift wrapping and gift boxes.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Kaya Jewellery Wishlist & Giveaway


This competition has now ended.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Kaya Jewellery Giveaway

Winner: Kim Neville (Congrats!)

Giveaway expires: Friday 30th June

NB. This post was written in collaboration with in exchange for hosting a giveaway. All words, opinions and content are my own. Photos of the jewellery have been credited to the source.

24hr Giveaway! Win Two Tickets to the Ideal Home Show in London Olympia

Yes you read it right.
Your eyes have not been deceived.

One lucky winner will receive not one but two tickets to the Ideal Home Show, thanks to CLC World Resorts.

This is one show that I keep missing each year it gets held, last year I couldn’t find childcare in time (I found out about the show very but this year I have been given the chance to go and check it out… AND have the opportunity give away tickets too!

The Ideal Home Show is held at London Olympia (Hammersmith) and the event will be running until April 9th 2017. It’s a show event that is ideal for anyone who is interested in home improvement, food and drink, new technology, fashion and beauty. So whether you’re an interior designer or a foodie fanatic, it is an event is not to be missed.

“From kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and basements, fixtures and fittings to fine food, gardens and the latest high tech gadgets, to fashion beauty and gifts, you’ll find it all under one roof at this award-winning show.”

– Ideal Home Show

Continue reading “24hr Giveaway! Win Two Tickets to the Ideal Home Show in London Olympia”

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Canesfresh Review + Polaroid Giveaway

Review: Staying fresh on the go with Canesfresh + Polaroid Camera Giveaway!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Canesfresh Review + Polaroid Giveaway

Thinking about summer; sunshine, ice creams and tan lines come to mind. These are the good memories. The not so good ones include over-crowding sweaty bodies on the tube, humid nights, dehydration and sunburnt skin. In London, it is seriously hard to stay as fresh as a daisy in summer but thanks to a few good products out there, it is definitely possible.

Now that it’s October the weather is much cooler and I don’t have to worry about sweaty bodies unless I’m heading to the gym. After a good workout, I am usually red-faced and dripping with sweat. I don’t mind – to me, it means I’ve actually done something. I always make sure I carry with me the essentials; deodorant for the underarms, a flannel to wipe of all that sweat and a bottle of water to rehydrate. As I live around the corner from the gym, I don’t bother to use their showers so it’s just a matter of quickly freshening myself up then heading home to get on with my mummy duties.

When the folks at Canesten asked if I wanted to try out their new intimate health products, I was very happy to. One of the things I lacked from my gym bag essentials was feminine hygiene wipes . These wipes aren’t just great for when it’s that time of the month, it’s actually a great item to have in your bag at all the times because then you can freshen up whenever you feel like it i.e. leaving straight from work to a party or in my case, after a sweaty workout. I received a few Canesfresh feminine hygiene products; an intimate gel wash, a mousse feminine wash and a pack of handy, travel-sized wipes. I was also given a lovely Polaroid instant camera to document my fun days out. 🙂 Continue reading “Review: Staying fresh on the go with Canesfresh + Polaroid Camera Giveaway!”

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The Lost Smile Book Review & Giveaway

As a former volunteer Beanstalk reading helper, I understand how important it is to encourage young kids to read and enjoy reading. According to Beanstalk’s statistics, 63,000 of primary school children are unable to read at the expected level by the time they leave school – this is frightening.

LO loves to read and I think this is due to me reading to him since he was born. I read him a bedtime story every night and we still enjoy a story every night now. We also incorporate in a few bedtime songs to help him wind down better and he loves it.

The Greenwich Mummy: The Lost Smile book review
Reading corner idea / Photo Credit: Spongekids

We are currently in the middle of rearranging his room to put up his reading corner. This mini library area will be at the end of his room and store all of his beloved books. The image below is exactly how I want his corner to be laid out but instead of that uncomfortable looking chair, LO will have a lovely rug and beanbag instead.

This week we had a lovely book sent to us called The Lost Smile by Joseph Coelho. It was published by Wrigley… Yes, Wrigley the chewing gum company!

The Greenwich Mummy | The Lost Smile Book Giveaway

It’s a fantastic children’s picture book all about a little boy called Kyle who wakes up to discover that his whole family have lost their smiles. He decides to go on a search hunt for his family’s lost smiles using his special smile-hunting tools. He puts up posters in his house as well as out in the streets to ask for help. Kyle’s family stumble across one of his posters at home and found it so amusing that they started smiling… their smiles had returned!

According to Wrigley Extra, children smile up to 400 times a day!

Wow, that is a lot – even though that is surprising to hear, when you think about it it does seem about right. What child do you know is rarely happy and smiling? Certainly not LO that’s for sure! Wrigley also states that around 34% of 12-year olds have tooth decay which is not a surprise especially with the amount of sweets and sugary foods they are likely to consume at that age.

The Greenwich Mummy | UK Family Lifestyle Blog

What I liked about the book

The book has some funny bits that made me giggle and the text is easy to read making it great for both adults and children. The short sentences makes it easy for children to read as they can pause after each sentence and not feel overwhelmed. As LO is only two, he can’t read by himself yet so I read to him however I think this book will make a great starter book for him when he is old enough to read alone.

The Greenwich Mummy | UK Family Lifestyle Blog

What LO liked about the book

LO mostly liked looking at the pictures and listening to me read to him. We also played ‘smile detectives’ together alongside reading the story. LO liked being a detective and helping Kyle find the lost smiles. He even started to make up his own story lines along the way. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy: The Lost Smile book review
LO looking at the lovely illustrations

The book has 8 double-sided pages with plenty of text to make it a good read and a wonderful bedtime story.

I love the fact that The Lost Smile book is all about being happy with an underlying message about oral hygiene – not something you would commonly find in books. According to Wrigley Extra, children smile up to 400 times a day! As crazy as it sounds, I am surprised it’s not more than that. Come on, what child do you know that’s rarely smiling? (Certainly not LO that’s for sure – even after a full-blown tantrum he’s smiling.)

Wrigley states that around 34% of 12-year olds have tooth decay hence why proper oral hygiene should be carried out as early on as possible to prevent such teeth problems. This book could come in handy for bigger kids. It may help encourage them to brush their teeth properly and regularly.

About the Smile Back Project
The book was published by chewing gum company Wrigley to donate to The Wrigley Smile Back Project. Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation have joined forces on this project to promote healthy teeth. All profits from sales goes to the charities with an even split for both. The book also states that a minimum of ÂŁ1 per book is donated, not bad considering that the book itself is only ÂŁ4.99 – that should put a little smile on your face. 🙂

Enter this exclusive Lost Smile book giveaway by following the link below.

This competition has now ended.

*NB. We were kindly sent three of these books by Wrigley; one to keep as a PR sample and two to give away. All words, opinions and photos taken by me are my own. The featured images used in this post are credited to the original source respectively.