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The Curious Comb Greenwich Hair Salon Review

Finding a hair salon you love can be difficult and sometimes looking for a new one is even more difficult. I’ve been going sulfate-free and silicone-free for just over a month and starting to get a few more waves out of my hair although they’re not fully there yet.

One day I walked past my local hair salon, The Curious Comb and saw a sign in the window stating that they were looking for models so I enquired about colour for me. I was asked what I’d like to do and had been thinking about going mermaid hair for a little while but didn’t have the courage to do it but that day I decided to bite the bullet and take a chance. I booked myself in for a total colour transformation and am sooo glad that I did because I really love my hair!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - The Curious Comb Greenwich Hair Salon Review

If you’re not sure what mermaid hair/unicorn hair/rainbow hair is, check out Pinterest and you’ll find a plethora of this new and popular creative colouring technique that’s taken London by storm. As I booked in as a hair model, I needed to start my appointment at 08:30am before clients arrived to avoid disruption to the salon and also give the colourist enough time to perform the service. I also had to pay a small fee for my model colour as the salon has to cover their cost for the materials/ingredients used, naturally.

On the day…

Tuesday, 08:30am I was greeted by Chris at reception who checked me in and introduced me to my colourist Vivi – a funky lady whose work I had been admiring on the salon’s instagram page, @thecuriouscomb. Vivi greeted me and sat me down, offered me a drink and asked me what I’d like to do to my hair. I told her that I wanted to have mermaid hair and was looking for pinks, purples, blues and greens. She explained that as my natural hair colour was such a dark base, it would be possible to achieve mermaid hair but not to the pastel colour I’d like. Chris, who was overseeing Vivi also told me that it would be impossible to go from almost black to pastel in one sitting unless we were there for a whole day as in 8hrs+ and use high-strength bleach which would be really damaging to my hair. This I knew so it was no surprise to me, I confirmed that I would be happy with any lift and know that I won’t be super light but as long as I can get a vibrant colour, I’d be a happy bunny. Chris mentioned that Olaplex would be added to my colour to help protect my hair from excessive damage – Olaplex is a protein based treatment that actually helps the hair to repair. The Curious Comb also offer it as a stand-alone treatment for about £30.00.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | The Curious Comb Hair Review
Post-blending of the colours

Chris and Vivi spoke about how she was going to do my hair – I mentioned that I’d like a balayage application and Chris recommended Vivi to use foils instead of freehand. My hair went through one process of bleach which lifted it to an orange colour – this, I’d also expected to happen. Vivi applied the foils and bleach evenly and with speed for a colourist in training. My head felt so heavy from the foils and this part of the process took about 2hrs. After the foil application was done, Vivi rinsed my hair and sat me down again with another lovely coffee and showed me the colours she was going to apply on my hair. She applied the colour carefully and blended them well using a special hand-blending technique. I sat and watched my hair changed colour… multi-colour. 🙂

The blending by Vivi was absolutely amazing! My own unique mermaid hair which I liked to call Watermelon Hair. There’s even a hashtag for #watermelonhair on the gram and it describes my outcome perfectly.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | The Curious Comb Hair Review
The end result was beautiful! / Instagram @mannyngo_yogi

And for the guys who love ‘before and after’ photos… here’s mine. What a drastic colour change – a super transformation!

The result

My hair still felt surprisingly soft. I really thought it was going to feel like hay but it didn’t. Maybe that was thanks to the Olaplex? I’m not 100% sure. Vivi told me that my colour will last aroun 8-10 washes and the less I wash my hair, the longer the colour will keep. That’s great news for me as I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and it’s with a low-poo (a sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo).

Vivi styled it for me using hair tongs and curled it beautifully. The curls lasted for 3-4 days and it was the first time in about a month since I had used any heat products or styling on my hair since going CGM.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | The Curious Comb Hair Review
Before and After / Instagram @thecuriouscomb

Three months on (it’s now March) and my colour has only faded about 60% – the multi-colour tones have somewhat blended into each other and the colours are no longer as vibrant as it was on the first day but I still love it so. I have been thinking about going back for my Olaplex treatment and also a colour refresh. I will be sticking with The Curious Comb from now on for my colour.. now I just need to be brave enough to go in for a cut! 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review

Review: My Haircut Experience at RUSH Hair Salon Greenwich

A new hair salon has opened up in Greenwich. There’s quite a few salons in the area but not any well-known franchises. So when Rush opened up in June it was no surprise that it would become a popular destination for locals and people visiting the area.

Back in May I was invited to their launch event for a complimentary cut but as Baby Girl was born on April 30th I wasn’t ready then to face the big, bad world just yet. Now a couple of months later, I’d decided to head out to the Rush Hair salon in Greenwich to review it.

First Impressions

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Rush Hair salon in Greenwich / Photo Credit: Google

Greenwich High Street is beautiful and constantly buzzing. Not being biased because I live in the area (okay, maybe a little bit biased) but Greenwich is so quirky with all its cool little shops and the lovely Royal Greenwich Park just a stone’s throw away, Rush definitely picked a wicked location to add to their chain of salons. This particular franchise salon is owned by their former employee, Kieran.

The shop looks sleek and professional and blends in well with the rest of the high street. The salon has been decorated in a modern-luxe style with white walls and charcoal accent walls and a stunning chandelier that hangs just above the salon reception. It’s very well placed as it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in. Amazing!

I went to my hair appointment with Baby Girl and took my Mamas & Papas Urbo. It was easy to get in and move about but I felt slightly cramped when the salon was busy so I can’t imagine how a bigger buggy like an iCandy would move about in there.

The staff

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
The lovely team at Rush Hair Greenwich / Photo Credit: RUSH

I was kindly greeted by lovely smiley faces upon arrival. They also didn’t know I was there for my blog until I left so I was treated the same in the same manner as everyone else which was great. There were just two stylists upstairs when I was there but I think there is a downstairs area with more chairs for hair services.

My stylist did both the washing and the styling for me which is really nice as some salons the assistants do the washing instead. Everyone I saw looked friendly, approachable and professional. There was no inappropriate chatting, standing around doing nothing or on mobile phones which was nice to see.

The Experience

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Inside the brightly-lit modern salon / Photo Credit: RUSH

After the receptionist checked me in and escorted me to my chair my stylist came over and introduced herself. She asked what I’d like to do to my hair. I said I was looking to go short again and showed her a photo of me when I last had it cut – shoulder length bob with some long layers and a little bit of softening at the ends to reduce the bulkiness of my hair.

She nodded and took me to the backwash to wash my hair. She helped me put my gown on and then sat me down for shampooing and conditioning. While the conditioner was on, I had a lovely mini scalp massage before my hair was rinsed, dried then seated ready for cutting. As she started cutting, she asked me when was the last time I cut my hair and I said it was when I took that photo which was in December. She asked if I was sure before saying “this can’t be 7 months [growth] – this is more like a year old cut.”

My hair grows really quick – what can I say?!

I was slightly bewildered at what she meant so I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her if she meant my hair grows faster than normal, and she said yes. She explained that it’s probably because I was pregnant and maybe I’m one of those people who have really fast-growing hair. (I think it’s both of those things!)

The Cut

When she finished cutting and styling I could see that she didn’t add any layers (which I had originally asked for). She did explain that it was because she didn’t want the cut to look blocky so she just softened it at the bottom with a scissor technique and avoided adding layers. My hair is quite thick so it weighs down a little hence why I wanted layers but the cut did look really good.

Here’s my before and after:

Rush hair Greenwich
I really like my long bob!

The finish was very straight. She used straighteners to complete the look. I would’ve preferred it wavy and a little more messy-looking which is how I normally wear it.

My verdict

Rush Hair in Greenwich is a great salon and I enjoyed my experience. It’s really easy to get to from anywhere in South East which makes it very convenient. RUSH Hair is a brand that most people, if not all, have heard of so you can be more confident that you will be able to get a good stylist or colourist. The cut was lovely – I couldn’t fault it at all. I liked the fact that my stylist cut my hair to the length I wanted and no shorter. My hair can be tricky for some stylists to cut as it shrinks slightly when it dries. She also got the hair line at the back of the nape very neat and straight which can be difficult on my hair. She’s excellent at precision cuts and you can really see it in the cut.

It took me a little while to get used to my new cut before making up my mind on whether I really like it or not because I didn’t get my layers. Now that I’ve been able to style it how I wanted it to look, I have to say my hair looks absolutely fantastic! 🙂

I am very happy with my haircut – well done Rush Hair for my lovely cut!

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Wavy – how I like to wear my hair


NB. I was kindly invited for a cut and blow dry service by RUSH Hair. All words, opinions and photos are my own. The photos that are not mine are credited to the original source respectively.