Healthy hair & skin: quick fixes for busy women

Happy #WellnessWednesday! With the cold weather fast approaching, here are some hair and skincare hacks to stop you looking less than perfect…

As all mothers know, time management is a must, and anything that could potentially interrupt the morning routine is a big no-no. When you’re in a hurry the last thing you need is bad hair or skin, and the time it takes to rectify those issues. Fear not though, with an action plan you can hide and fix all manner of beauty problems without losing too much time. Let’s check some out.

Tame tangled hair
You wake up, the kids are round your ankles, you need to get everyone ready but your hair looks like a bird’s nest. We’ve all been there, but don’t stress! This is where the detangling brush comes in. Just work section by section and you’ll soon be tangle free.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Hair and Skincare

There are so many detangling brush benefits versus the ordinary brush and comb:

  • Pain free – you won’t have to tug anywhere near as hard to remove the tangles
  • Quick – much more so than the usual options
  • Gentle – they’re designed to release knots in a much more efficient manner, so less damage occur
  • Versatile – they work on all different hair types

Hide poor condition
Sometimes you wake up and your hair looks awful to you, whether it’s greasy, dry or lifeless. You haven’t got time to bring it back to top condition so it’s time for a quick fix. Step forward the tried and trusted ponytail. This timeless style doesn’t just hide a multitude of sins; it takes no time to do and still looks great. Twist it, tie back on the side or add a few accessories if you’ve got the time, and inclination, to make it more glamorous. Also, having dry shampoo in stock is always a great and quick help.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Hair and Skincare
Hide poor hair condition in an updo, or a ponytail

Fight the breakout
You’re awake, you take a look in the mirror and your skin is looking pretty dry. Don’t fret about that, this doesn’t have to take ages to fix. Moisturiser is an obvious one but you can give it a boost by mixing with a face serum. This is a double-pronged attack that’ll give your face a glow and make it feel better too. Prevent this in future by investing in a quality night cream, and make sure you always remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Investing in a skin brush to slough away the superficial layer of dead skin cells can help keep skin clean and spots at bay. You can even choose from a manual one or electric one.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Hair and Skincare
Keep skin healthy and moisturised

Clear those puffy eyes
Ever woken up and your eyes haven’t got the message? We all have. Puffy, red and looking as though you should be heading for bed, rather than ready to take on the day. Don’t worry, a combination of cold and moisture is going to do the trick. If you’ve got ice packs pop them under or over your eyes for a few minutes. This will clear the puffiness and shrink the vessels that have given you that red eye look. Alternatively, chuck a couple of spoons in the freezer whilst you get breakfast and then hold them over your eyes. If you’ve got time flick the TV on for the kids and put slices of cucumber over your lids to get some much needed moisture in. Failing that, try cold water.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Hair and Skincare
A cold spoon over the eye area can help reduce puffy eyes

When you’ve got kids, time is precious and these quick fixes are really going to help you claw back a few minutes. From the benefits of a detangling brush to the use of cold compresses on puffy eyes, there’s plenty that can be done. Before you know it, everyone (including you) will be ready to tackle the day!

A contribution post by Joana Teixeira
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All things hair for busy mums

If you’re a busy mama, you’ll know all about time management and how there never seem to be enough hours in the day. So everything you can do to catch up a few minutes is a real bonus, and when it comes to looking after your hair there’s plenty you can do. From shortcut shampoo tips to wearing simple styles like ponytails and Dutch braids, you can take control of your hair and get some time back in the process.

Time saving hair care

When you’re pushed for time there are a number of things you can do in advance to get your hair ready. Check out four of the best time-saving haircare tips:

Shower the night before. Wash your hair, if you need to, the night before. You’ll be grateful you made that little bit of extra effort in the evening when you need to fly out the door with the kids round your ankles the next morning.

• Dry shampoo. Failing washing your hair the night before, make sure you’re always stocked up with dry shampoo. An absolute gift when you don’t have time to rinse and repeat.

Go short. If you’re getting fed up of taking ages to get your hair ready before you tackle the day, think about going short. There are plenty of cool styles to try, and if timesaving is your main priority, you will definitely save lots of time with a sleek bob or a pixie cut – trendy and practical.

Treat whilst you sleep. If you don’t look after your hair, it’s going to suffer and it’ll need a little extra TLC every now and then. There are plenty of great deep conditioning treatments out there and rather than taking time out of your day you can get the job done overnight.

Time-saving hairstyles

We already know that we can save time on hair care, but what about styling? Here are four of the easiest, but oh so stylish, looks that you can do when you’re rushed in the morning:

The Ponytail

Let’s start with the easiest style, the simple ponytail. Just because it’s quick and requires very little effort doesn’t mean it can’t look chic. There are so many variations to try out too; slicked back, high up or low down, whatever you love it’ll only take a few minutes to do.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | All things hair for busy mums
Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re not a fan of sporting a ponytail, there is a stylish alternative; the half-ponytail which is great if you hate bare shoulders but still want an semi up-do hairstyle. Even if you have short hair you can wear this hairstyle; here’s me sporting the look in my beauty box review post.

Dutch Braids

These braids are one of those amazing styles; the ones that look like they’ve taken ages to do or have been done in a salon. But in reality they only take a few minutes when you know how. As soon as you’ve got the knack for how to do them you’ll love how easy it is and how great they look. For simple to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do Dutch braids just click here (tutorial).

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | All things hair for busy mums
Photo credit: Pinterest

The Messy bun

Simply pull your hair into a loose ponytail, divide it into two or three sections and give it a tease (this is what lifts it from mess to messy chic). Take the sections and crisscross them at the top of your head, just like with a topknot. Pull a few strands around and you’ve got yourself a cool, messy bun.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | All things hair for busy mums
Photo credit: Pinterest

Half-up bun

Like the ponytail, there is a half messy bun style which I call the ‘top-knot’. It’s a great style that can be worn easily whether you have long, short or a bob.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | All things hair for busy mums
Photo credit: Pinterest

Loose waves

If you love the effortless beauty of natural loose waves this trick is the one for you. All the prep takes place the night before so all you’ll have to do is flick the waves out in the morning. After you’ve washed your hair don’t dry it completely, leave it a little damp and braid it tightly. Let the braids out in the morning and you’ll be rocking that wavy look.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | All things hair for busy mums
Photo credit: Pinterest

Give these tips a try and you might even have few minutes left over to enjoy a bit of time to yourself. Good luck!

A guest contribution post written by beauty/hair writer, Joana Teixeira from All Things Hair.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic August beauty box review

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I wrote my LookFantastic July beauty box review – it was quite popular review on my blog. I’m not going to deny it, it was a pretty good box. I never got round to posting this beauty box review last year so thought I would do it now… now that it’s August again! 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic August Beauty Box

LookFantastic’s August box has a bold British theme, “Best of British”. I liked this box because it contained products just from UK brands. 100% British, high quality brands! Some brands I had heard of but others were new to me.

My top three products from this August box are:

  1. REN Flash Defence anti-pollution mist toner (60ml, £24.00)
  2. Balance Me congested skin serum (15ml, no longer available individually)
  3. Bee Good honey & vanilla lip balm (10ml, £4.75)

REN anti-pollution mist toner
The REN anti-pollution mist was really nice to use. Whenever I needed to freshen up my face, a little spritz was very welcomed. It felt light and fresh on my skin and because it doesn’t have a scent I could use it again and again without being sick of a smell. It’s the ideal product on a hot, sticky summer’s day. The packaging is sleek and minimal which I really love – let the product do the talking right?!

What I didn’t like about the spray was that for a sample size it’s teeny weeny at 9ml. I used it daily and it was almost finished in two weeks but saying that, the full size version is 60ml so you’d get six times of two weeks worth (12 wks) which is pretty decent but slightly pricey at £24.00 a bottle.

If you do fancy giving it a try, I’d recommend going for the REN Urban Grey skin kit which is cheaper at £13.00 and has the mist (in the 9ml sample size) as well as the flash balm 1-minute facial cleanser (15ml) and the anti-ageing day cream moisturiser (15ml). This sample sized kit would be great if you’re travelling or need something small you can take on holiday.

Balance Me congested skin serum
This facial serum was also extremely lightweight and easy to use. I love the tube of the serum. In terms of packaging, its tip-application tube means that you could squeeze out every last bit of product before throwing the tube away. Definitely cost-effective.

I think this product is no longer available as a stand-alone product. Maybe Balance Me are planning to discontinue it… I dunno but it’s a little disappointing because it is actually a really good product. If you’re familiar with the Balance Me range and want to give this serum a try, it’s available in the Deluxe Clearer Skin kit which you can buy from

Bee Good’s honey & vanilla lip balm
This lip balm smells absolutely divine! I love the smell and the consistency of the lip balm. It goes on very smoothly and feels very lightweight on the lips. The packaging is cute – the yellow colour I guess represents the honey and vanilla and the honeycomb design goes well with the bee logo and the brand name, “Bee Good”.

The honey and vanilla provides a good amount of moisture for the lips however for me personally I felt the lip balm was too lightweight. I’m used to the thicker consistency of Carmex balms but most days I can overlook this because of its delicious scent. 🙂

The other products in the box:

RENU Lip And Eye Active Lift (25ml, £11.00)
This is a lightweight lip and eye cream. The natural ingredients in this eye cream helps to stimulate collagen in the skin which plumps and firms the skin. The arnica extract in this product will also help to combat puffiness. If you have ageing skin or looking for a product to help give you a more youthful appearance, this RENU lift cream is right for you.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (75ml, £18.00)
A great little hair saviour. Percy & Reed is a brand that I am familiar and this wonder balm has some great reviews. It can be used alone or as a hair primer for other styling products. It’s best to apply it to towel-dried hair but can also be used on dry hair sparingly to give volume.

Bloom And Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz (100ml, £15.00)
Two facial spritz in the same box! This one was bigger than the REN one which was my personal favourite out of the two. This Bloom & Blossom spray has a scent which smells quite earthy but don’t let that put you off because it’s a very light scent. The spray can be used over make-up and at anytime of the day. The aloe vera extract soothes the skin and leaves it soft to the touch. This spray is made without any parabens, SLS or synthetic nasties and is not tested on animals. Perfect for those who are looking for a green and ethical product.

And that’s it!

Out of all the six products, I had three faves but that’s not to say the other three weren’t good they just weren’t to my personal taste. If you liked this review, check out my other box reviews using the search bar at the top of the blog page.

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The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review

Review: My Haircut Experience at RUSH Hair Salon Greenwich

A new hair salon has opened up in Greenwich. There’s quite a few salons in the area but not any well-known franchises. So when Rush opened up in June it was no surprise that it would become a popular destination for locals and people visiting the area.

Back in May I was invited to their launch event for a complimentary cut but as Baby Girl was born on April 30th I wasn’t ready then to face the big, bad world just yet. Now a couple of months later, I’d decided to head out to the Rush Hair salon in Greenwich to review it.

First Impressions

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Rush Hair salon in Greenwich / Photo Credit: Google

Greenwich High Street is beautiful and constantly buzzing. Not being biased because I live in the area (okay, maybe a little bit biased) but Greenwich is so quirky with all its cool little shops and the lovely Royal Greenwich Park just a stone’s throw away, Rush definitely picked a wicked location to add to their chain of salons. This particular franchise salon is owned by their former employee, Kieran.

The shop looks sleek and professional and blends in well with the rest of the high street. The salon has been decorated in a modern-luxe style with white walls and charcoal accent walls and a stunning chandelier that hangs just above the salon reception. It’s very well placed as it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in. Amazing!

I went to my hair appointment with Baby Girl and took my Mamas & Papas Urbo. It was easy to get in and move about but I felt slightly cramped when the salon was busy so I can’t imagine how a bigger buggy like an iCandy would move about in there.

The staff

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
The lovely team at Rush Hair Greenwich / Photo Credit: RUSH

I was kindly greeted by lovely smiley faces upon arrival. They also didn’t know I was there for my blog until I left so I was treated the same in the same manner as everyone else which was great. There were just two stylists upstairs when I was there but I think there is a downstairs area with more chairs for hair services.

My stylist did both the washing and the styling for me which is really nice as some salons the assistants do the washing instead. Everyone I saw looked friendly, approachable and professional. There was no inappropriate chatting, standing around doing nothing or on mobile phones which was nice to see.

The Experience

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Inside the brightly-lit modern salon / Photo Credit: RUSH

After the receptionist checked me in and escorted me to my chair my stylist came over and introduced herself. She asked what I’d like to do to my hair. I said I was looking to go short again and showed her a photo of me when I last had it cut – shoulder length bob with some long layers and a little bit of softening at the ends to reduce the bulkiness of my hair.

She nodded and took me to the backwash to wash my hair. She helped me put my gown on and then sat me down for shampooing and conditioning. While the conditioner was on, I had a lovely mini scalp massage before my hair was rinsed, dried then seated ready for cutting. As she started cutting, she asked me when was the last time I cut my hair and I said it was when I took that photo which was in December. She asked if I was sure before saying “this can’t be 7 months [growth] – this is more like a year old cut.”

My hair grows really quick – what can I say?!

I was slightly bewildered at what she meant so I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her if she meant my hair grows faster than normal, and she said yes. She explained that it’s probably because I was pregnant and maybe I’m one of those people who have really fast-growing hair. (I think it’s both of those things!)

The Cut

When she finished cutting and styling I could see that she didn’t add any layers (which I had originally asked for). She did explain that it was because she didn’t want the cut to look blocky so she just softened it at the bottom with a scissor technique and avoided adding layers. My hair is quite thick so it weighs down a little hence why I wanted layers but the cut did look really good.

Here’s my before and after:

Rush hair Greenwich
I really like my long bob!

The finish was very straight. She used straighteners to complete the look. I would’ve preferred it wavy and a little more messy-looking which is how I normally wear it.

My verdict

Rush Hair in Greenwich is a great salon and I enjoyed my experience. It’s really easy to get to from anywhere in South East which makes it very convenient. RUSH Hair is a brand that most people, if not all, have heard of so you can be more confident that you will be able to get a good stylist or colourist. The cut was lovely – I couldn’t fault it at all. I liked the fact that my stylist cut my hair to the length I wanted and no shorter. My hair can be tricky for some stylists to cut as it shrinks slightly when it dries. She also got the hair line at the back of the nape very neat and straight which can be difficult on my hair. She’s excellent at precision cuts and you can really see it in the cut.

It took me a little while to get used to my new cut before making up my mind on whether I really like it or not because I didn’t get my layers. Now that I’ve been able to style it how I wanted it to look, I have to say my hair looks absolutely fantastic! 🙂

I am very happy with my haircut – well done Rush Hair for my lovely cut!

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger: Rush Hair Salon Greenwich Review
Wavy – how I like to wear my hair


NB. I was kindly invited for a cut and blow dry service by RUSH Hair. All words, opinions and photos are my own. The photos that are not mine are credited to the original source respectively.

Finger Coils For Toddlers With Curly Hair

It came to me that I haven’t really been doing anything to LO’s hair. As much as I love his curls being out, I realised his hair is very long now and I rarely have it in any particular style for him. His hair is curly – I think between hair type 2C-3B. It’s more like 2C on top and 3A/3B for the rest of the head. The texture is still quite fine so it easily gets frizzy and fluffy which is very cute but as he’s approaching toddler age, I want to be able to give him a nice hairstyle every now and then.

I came across a blog called Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care written by a mother (Rory) with her adoptive child and she blogs about how to care for naturally curly hair which was great for me as I don’t really much about know how to care for curly hair let alone textured hair! Here are some photos of the end result – I am very pleased with how they turned out 🙂

Finger Coils
Finger coils are really cute and an easy style for younger babies or for toddlers as there’s no need for any hair bands, grips etc and works well on both boys and girls. The style simply looks like ringlets on LO’s hair but you can see from the photos from Rory’s blog, it looks different on her daughter’s hair as the texture of the curl is different. [see photo]

Click here for the instructions I followed to create LO’s finger coils

The Greenwich Mummy | Finger Coils Hair The Greenwich Mummy | Finger Coils Hair

I was very happy with the overall look and our friends and family commented on how nice LO’s new hairstyle was. This was the first time I had done LO’s hair in any kind of style so I am very happy it suited it. I have ordered some hair beads with grips inside so I can do more styles with LO’s hair like single plaits or vertical cornrows. It’s all for experimenting sake for when LO’s hair gets longer as I am thinking about cutting his hair but am loving the curls just too much at the moment to go through with it.

For more hairstyles, general tips on how to care for curly, textured, mixed hair or even tips on parenting and adoption check out Rory and her amazing blog. I am so glad I came across it and will now be checking back on her blog every now and then to get another inspiration for LO’s next hairstyle! 🙂

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