My Sixth HelloFresh Meal Review

This is my third meal from my second HelloFresh Classic Box; the Tabasco Jambalaya with orange and honey chicken. This meal was relatively easy to make but I am not really raving about this meal compared to the others I have made. The main reason being is because it’s very similar to a traditional Nigerian rice dish called jollof rice which is one of my favourite rice dishes and I just couldn’t get the taste of spicy and citrus around my head. The jambalaya is also more ‘saucy’ than jollof rice so it’s quite similar to a risotto consistency which is also odd for me as I’ve only had risotto once. If you like risotto, you will like the jambalaya.

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

Click here for the HelloFresh Jambalaya recipe

Images look a bit better with the iPhone now as I have managed to switch it to HDR mode which seems to have made a difference. 🙂 Anyway, back to the Jambalaya I would rate it 3.5/5 for taste – it’s just not for me but it’s a good dish so I am sure others will like it especially if you like using citrus fruits in savoury cooking.

So, after two HelloFresh boxes, I have decided to skip a few weeks and get my next box in a month’s time. Even though the subscription boxes are very cheap, I have a big family and loads of mouths to feed so just 3 meals per box (lasts 3 days) is simply not enough for me as I still need to plan out meals for the other 4 days. The food is great and healthy so I will be still using HelloFresh but more like my alternative take-away option than a regular food source.

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My Fifth HelloFresh Meal Review

This is my fifth HelloFresh review and the meal I cooked was called Raiders of the Lost Beef and Mushroom Burger which is basically a burger with cheese, beef burger, simon’s leaves, mushrooms and onions. Making a burger at home is so much tastier than any burger I have ever bought before – not to mention it’s also much cheaper!

This meal took a little longer to cook as the burgers I made were quite thick. I could’ve tried to make ‘flatter’ burgers however I wanted the height as I like my home-made burgers to look gourmet 🙂


The brioche bun and burger tasted soooo good… and the wedges *blissful sigh*  – it was simply divine. The overall meal took about 40mins to make; 20mins to prep and 20mins to cook. The wedges took the longest, as you can see from the photo they are not as ‘crispy’ as you would normally expect wedges to be but nevertheless they were still really scrummy.

The most perfect meal for a Friday night. 🙂


My Fourth HelloFresh Meal Review

I am now onto my second HelloFresh Classic Box!

I loved the first box so much, I had to give another box a try – just to see what they are going to supply me with and I can tell you, I was not disappointed at all. I also discovered that you can actually log into your online account and see the recipes that they will give you in your next box before it is sent out. This allows you to ‘swap’ recipes you don’t want for the ones that you do – excellent! I’ve never been disappointed so far but it’s good to know that the “options” are there.

The first meal I decided to make from this box was the HelloFresh Pan-Fried Tilapia with Tarragon Sauce – when I say the meal was AMAZING, it was amazing! The sauce was my favourite… The fish was beautiful and not smelly at all like the sea bream (I think sea bream is just naturally more ‘potent’) and the potatoes were super easy to cook as were the green beans. I garnished the dish with tarragon on top but I found it a little over-powering so I just scraped the extra bits off tarragon off the fish and sauce. The tarragon didn’t go down too well with the siblings either – they loved the creamy sauce, they just wished the tarragon wasn’t included so they scraped all of the tarragon off their fish.


This is a slightly better image of the meal – I think close up photos on my iPhone 4s is a bit better than the far away shots… I still need to invest in a camera so please be patient. 🙂

The first meal I decided to make from this box was the HelloFresh Pan-Fried Tilapia with Tarragon Sauce. When I say the meal was AMAZING, it was amazing!

The meal was very quick to cook – in total, I would say it was about 20-25mins. The prep was super quick (about 10 mins), most of the time was spent on boiling the veggies. This dish was very filling but I kept wanting more! It was such a simple dish to make, anyone can do it! The speedy cooking time and simple HelloFresh instructions makes it so easy and fun that there should never be any problems making this dish in the future for the family… Well, minus the extra tarragon!

If you are looking to give this dish a try, let me know how it goes by leaving a comment on this post. HelloFresh has also give me three free boxes to give away so if you want to give HelloFresh a try, leave a comment for me below. Enjoy!

Click here for the full HelloFresh recipe

My Third HelloFresh Meal Review

This was my third meal from my first HelloFresh Classic box and I can truly say that I have fully enjoyed all of the recipes that was given to us this week. Absolutely delicious! This meal’s review is on the last recipe which I had told you about before in my last HelloFresh review, Lebanese Chicken With Body-Boosting Veggies.

We had extra members of family around this weekend so I had to improvise and stretch out this 4 persons meal to a 6 persons meal and that was done by adding cous-cous to the meal and slicing the chicken into thinner bits for more servings. The meal went down a treat but some family members had mixed reviews and the kids weren’t really into it, probably because the flavours are quite strong and aromatic and they aren’t used to it. I mixed the body-boosting veg which consisted of sweet potato, red onions and bell peppers with simple cous cous that I bought from Sainsburys in a packet (the ‘just-add-water’ kind as we are short on time) and it was perfect. Sorry for the low-quality image, I will be uploading better images soon once I’ve sorted out a proper camera as this iPhone camera is poor.


The overall meal took about 10mins to prep and 20mins to cook which is ideal when you’re working late and want to be able to cook a quick dinner. I love the chicken and the wonderful seasoning on it however the highlight of this meal for me was the veggies – I really do love my veg, especially when it comes to sweet potato! The cous-cous gave it an extra finishing touch and made this meal very filling.

Click the following link to see the Lebanese Chicken With Body-Boosting Veg recipe

You can also check out HelloFresh’s other delicious recipes that went out last week (Week 13 I believe). I will definitely be keeping my new collection of recipe cards. I think I will need to pop down to WHSmith soon to get a little holder for them to start storing the cards in there. My next Classic Box has been delivered and I will be posting up a review on that meal very shortly. If you would like to have another sneaky peek on what it is, click here.

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My Second HelloFresh Meal Review

So yesterday I made my second HelloFresh meal; Black Sesame Teriyaki Beef with Bok Choy served with brown rice and it was simply divine! Full of flavour and very filling on the tummies so many satisfied people! There was even leftovers which was a surprise as when I made the Sea Bream Oreganata, there was no food left for leftovers. The whole meal was relatively simple to make. I would say the actual cooking time took like 15mins however the prep time took longer, about 20mins. It took me ages to finely slice the beef and dice up the garlic. The marinade was so easy but I had to add more honey and more soy sauce because in my opinion, I didn’t think there was enough. Here’s a photo of the final thing. 🙂

My Second HelloFresh Meal Review
Black Sesame Teriyaki Beef with Bok Choy

Like the previous menu, the recipe card was extremely easy to follow and easily set out with photos so you can see exactly how to do it. My dish ended up with a different presentation from the original as I decided to stir everything together in the end using the wok so that’s why it looks more like a stir-fry. I am also surprised I had used hardly any oil at all! Usually when I fry beef I usually use quite a bit but didn’t have to this time and because the beef was thinly sliced, they cooked in literally seconds – amaze-balls!

I cannot wait until I cook the third and final meal from my first HelloFresh Classic box. It’s been brilliant so far so I have no doubt that the last meal for this week will be satisfying. If you want to have a sneaky peak of what it is, click here to see the original recipe – it’s going to be amazing. I will be posting a review of this third and final meal on Monday so don’t forget to check it out. All the recipes are super quick, easy and healthy to make so definitely give them a try if you are looking to eat healthier but lacking inspiration. Follow the instructions or improvise and make your own version of the dish, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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HelloFresh Meal Box Review

I received my wonderful HelloFresh box on Tuesday and was so excited to start cooking! We had a takeout on Tuesday so I decided to make the first meal yesterday night. HelloFresh advises to cook the fish recipe first so that it stays fresh which is what I did. The recipe I used was ‘Sea Bream Oreganata with New Potatoes and Carrots‘… it was really delicious. 🙂

Not sure who HelloFresh are or what they do? Click here to see a previous post I wrote on the company.

All of the ingredients were really easy to prep and the meal took no longer than 20-30mins to make which was one of the main reasons why I wanted to use HelloFresh. My only complaint would be how horrible sea bream can smell when it is fresh – as I’ve never cooked with it before, I assumed it wouldn’t smell as bad as I’ve cooked with sea bass, mackerel and salmon before I really thought the fish was gone off but it was completely fine, it wasn’t gone off or bad, it was just my over-sensitive nose putting me off.

The instructions were super easy to follow and the only ingredients that I needed to add which wasn’t included in the food box was black peper and salt – a household item so no biggie. The fish was a big hit with the family and despite how ‘healthy’ the meal was it was very filling. I cannot wait until I cook my next meal!

The classic box with 3 meals per week for 4 people costs £59.00 including free delivery which is not actually expensive when you break it down. It works out to about £20 per meal for 4 people which is £5 per person per meal – excellent price for good-quality, healthy meals. The only downfall is that the maximum number of meals I can get for 4 people is 3meals (3 days) so I still need to do my food shopping for the other 4 days of the week. When you look at it like this, it’s then not as cheap as you think. However, Hello Fresh allows you to be able to change and pause deliveries which is extremely handy as I can choose to pause which weeks I do not want a delivery and set deliveries on days that I do want to receive a box.

Overall, I am really impressed with the company and will continue to use them but on an occasional basis rather than a regular weekly subscription as I need to be practical and think about meals for the whole week instead. The website has delicious recipes so I will keep looking on there for ideas and order a box 1-2 times a month and substitute a take-away for a food box.

Just Ordered My Classic Box On HelloFresh!

I love my subscriptions, there is no denying that but I have just taken it to a whole new level I think… I have placed my first order on HelloFresh for a Classic Box. Before the little HelloFresh Facebook ad graced my computer screen, I never knew that food subscription boxes existed let alone this company.

I decided to order my first box because (a) you get £10 off your first box order when you sign up to their newsletters which was fab, (b) food is packed for you and delivered straight to your door for free – how convenient!, and (c) the meals are supposed to be easy to make, quick and healthy and the recipes are included in your box.

This is the main reason why I decided to go ahead with it, with convenience following closely behind. I must admit, I don’t always cook the healthiest meals for LO and wish I had the time to search for healthy quick meals to cook that we can both enjoy but I just seem to find myself always cooking Vietnamese-inspired meals which is generally healthy don’t get me wrong, however some meals can be very high in salt or high in sugar which is what I want to cut down on.

HelloFresh offers a range of boxes; the classic box, the vegetarian box, and the family box. They also offer a one-off trial box at a slightly more expensive price for those who want to just give it a try. I picked the classic box because I liked all the recipes that they have (they also let you know which recipe will be in your box that week). My box came to a total of £59.00 for a weekly box with 3 meals for 4 people (we have other family members staying with us) which is quite expensive so I am glad that I had my £10 off taken off the total amount. (Good thing delivery is free!)

The subscription can be easily cancelled and there is no cancellation fee; you just need to cancel before the Wednesday of your next box. I think I will see how it goes with the first box then decide if I want to stick to it. My main problem is that with the extra people we have staying with us and the maximum number of meals they offer for 4 people is only three, that means I still have to go out and plan meals for the other four days of the week… not to mention the other family members are male so they will eat twice the amount I usually cook so we’ll see how it goes!