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Style Trends: 6 of the BEST beanie hats at John Lewis this winter

I went along to the MyJohnLewis shopping event at John Lewis Oxford Street today and boy was there a LOT of people buying stuff! It was amazing but slightly claustrophobic at the same time. I went without the kids and as my friend Dinah and I scoffed mini mince pies and washing them down with elderflower pressé for me (prosecco for her… two glasses) we had a good nosey around the giant store.

As former John Lewis employees (our first school-leaving job, that’s where we met!) it was good to see that the British company was still doing really well. A lot has changed at their Oxford Street store since I was last there which was years ago, mind you. They now have a wonderful roof garden up on the 5th floor and the majority of level 2 or 3 is dedicated to eating and dining.

We headed up to the 4th floor which is the children’s department and took a look at all the toys on offer. If you’re with the kids and are in Oxford Street, pop in and head up to the 4th floor because Moz the Monster (from under the bed) has his little pop-up house there which you can visit. You can even take a selfie with Moz as we did:

JL besties – A big cuddle with Moz

They really put on a treat with their Moz the Monster’s house. When we had finished having our bit of fun, we carried on looking around the store and I came across, what I think, are the best beanie hats I’ve seen in a while. So without further ado, here’s my top six of the best beanie hats from John Lewis.

John Lewis Price Match Promise
“Never knowingly undersold” – Today John Lewis are matching a competitor’s promotion

1. Cat Pattern Wool Hat, £20

A beanie hat for that me-wow factor

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
John Lewis Cat pattern wool hat / Photo: John Lewis

This fabulous cat pattern beanie hat is totally divine. I really love it, I think it’s actually one of my faves from this list (alongside the merlot one!) – not only is it quite a sophisticated looking hat, it’s also really cool and quirky and SO going on my Christmas wishlist!

2. Barts Joy Beanie, £26.99

A purr-fect beanie for the girls

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
Barts Joy beanie hat / Photo: John Lewis

Look at those super-cute fluffy ears! How can you not love this beanie hat by BARTS, it would make a great hat for the girls or even us ladies who’re looking for something a bit different and stylish. Faux faur and felines never go out of style, dahling!

3. You Had Me At Merlot Pom Pom Beanie Hat, £22

A funny beanie that’ll get you into the festive spirit (it’s red too!)

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
Christmassy “You had me at Merlot” hat / Photo: John Lewis

So this is the other John Lewis beanie that I’m in love with. “You had me at Merlot” – how cute! (Even though I don’t even drink Merlot). I’m loving the funny quote and the Christmassy red colour… that pom pom is amazing too!

4. John Lewis Multi Stitch Pom Beanie, £20

Something for those who prefer simple, good quality knits

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
John Lewis stitch knitted pom pom beanie / Photo: John Lewis

The knitting on this is simply beautiful and the colours on this multi stitch hat will definitely brighten up any dull day. Think super soft textures, and chunky warm knits. Ideal for the cold British winter.

5. Helly Hansen Knitted Beanie Hat, £30

A beanie for gadget guys – complete with removable pom pom feature

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
Helly Hansen beanie hat with removable pom pom / Photo: John Lewis

If there’s any boys (big or small) in your family that love gadgets, I think this would be the best Christmas present for him. This Helly Hansen beanie comes with a cool feature; you can attach and detach the pom pom. Two styles for the price of one, both functional and attractive. Well done Helly Hansen!

6. Barts Wilbert beanie, £14.99

For those who want a no-fuss beanie hat

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 6 Best John Lewis Beanie Hats
Barts Wilbert grey beanie / Photo: John Lewis

If you’re just looking for a beanie hat that’s functional and affordable, check out this one. It’s plain and simple, warm and easy to wear. Nothing fancy about it – no pom poms either! The traditional beanie at its best.

And there you have it!

Which one is your favourite? Are you a beanie hat person or nah?
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The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On Blackheath Festival Review

Review: On Blackheath Music Festival

On Blackheath Music Festival – September 2017

Music. Food. Fun. That’s pretty much everything you would want or expect from a festival. When I received an email asking if I would like to head down to a local festival event I was really excited. The On Blackheath Music Festival was held over the first weekend of school – LO had just started his first day that week and thought it would be a nice treat for LO and me to go along.

Sunday’s Performance

We arrived on Blackheath green around 2-3pm. It was so windy but LO was so excited to go to a festival, he didn’t even feel the cold. I picked up my ticket from the desk office and was given a pass which allowed me to come and go as I wish. The festival was massive and I couldn’t help but think to myself that if the day was sunnier there would’ve been much more people. I really hate the cold.

Working out where most things were, LO and I headed over to the family playground area first. I was on a tight budget so kept him away from all the paid stuff although he could see the helter skelter clearly and was begging to go on it. It was only £2.50 a ride but I had no cash on me. There were cash machines inside the festival but it didn’t offer free withdrawals so I stuck to my guns and told LO just to enjoy the free stuff instead.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On Blackheath Festival Review
Got my OnBlackheath entry pass! 🙂
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On Blackheath Festival Review
Listening to KT Tunstall performing was amazing!

The Children’s Tent & Playground

We went near to the children’s tent where there was a storytelling going on and comedian Julian Clary was signing his latest children’s book in the smaller tent beside it. I wrote a post last year about Julian Clary reading with children so I really wanted to meet him but he was gone by the time we made our way over to his tent. Maybe next time.

LO had so much fun on the pirate’s ship by the Albion Kids Show, he was a little hesitant at first but then got stuck in climbing about and really enjoyed it. He didn’t want to leave! When I started to feel little droplets of rain, I took LO and ushered us inside the children’s tent to listen to the storytelling by Mike Dodsworth. He had an amazing energy and was able to hold the children’s attention for a full 60mins with the power of his words and story. We came in halfway but figured out that it was a story about a prince who was searching for a beautiful princess. He found such a princess but she was locked up under the sea in a castle that was guarded by a giant fish. The prince learnt how to swim and catch the giant fish with his net, free the princess and brought her back to her kingdom. It was a lovely story and there was even a chance for everyone to take part in the story by acting out little parts in the story. LO is really into his books, especially Julia Donaldson ones so I was very happy that he enjoyed the storytelling too.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On Blackheath Festival Review
Ahoy matey! LO enjoying himself on the pirate ship!

Storytelling Time

When the storytelling ended LO and I wandered further down into the festival. We saw the main stage where singer, KT Tunstall was next in line to perform and I managed to just catch a glimpse of the John Lewis live cooking stage however wasn’t able to get to it to sit down and watch. LO was starting to tire so I got us a pizza and drink to liven us up – it was a pepperoni one and was so tasty but quite pricey at £10.00 a pizza. We watched KT Tunstall perform ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ and ‘The Other Side of the World’. It wasn’t until it was halfway into Black Horse that I looked down and saw that LO was sleeping whilst standing and realised it was time for us to go home. The night was still young (at 5pm) and I didn’t want to leave. I told myself that I would take LO home, get changed then head back out. That didn’t happen.

Time to go home… We – I was cold.

We got into our Uber and headed home. Once we got indoors, I didn’t want to leave the warmth to stand in the cold. I love my warmth and with winter soon coming, I didn’t want to increase my risk of getting chilblains as I have poor circulation in my feet. Regardless of leaving early, we had a fabulous time. I was gutted I wasn’t able to see any live cooking demos as that was one of the main reasons I was really excited to go to the On Blackheath festival but when you have little ones, their needs need to come first and unfortunately for me that meant us leaving early to let bubba rest.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | On Blackheath Festival Review
We had a great time at On Blackheath music fest!

I’d definitely love to come back next year and hope that we will be greeted with warmer weather. It’s a brilliant local event and I’m so glad it comes round every year. 🙂

NB. This is a collaborative post with John Lewis. I was given two tickets to attend the On Blackheath Music Festival. All words, opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliated links. Should a sale occur, I/my blog would receive a payment as a result of this. For more info on affiliate links, take a look at my disclosure page.