Flavour of the Month: Coffee

This month’s flavour is one that I really cherish and cannot live without… coffee! 🙂 This lovely flavour can be enjoyed in many ways; caffeinated or decaffeinated, hot or cold, with milk or without milk, eaten, drunk or even applied to the body –  it’s entirely up to you! Here are some delightful images I have found on […]

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Flavour Of The Month: Lemons

Flavour of the Month: Lemons

So July’s Flavour of the Month is actually my own creation. Simply because the lovely Glai, from Oh My Glai! who started this blog challenge has currently unplugged herself from the digital world for the next 50 days. She’s simply giving it up as part of her prayer & fasting movement which is a brilliant […]

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Flavour of The Month: Chocolate

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour Of The Month

I recently came across Oh My Glai’s blog and found a wonderful new blog challenge to take part in called “Flavor of the Month“. Glai selects a flavour each month then those who participating in the challenge will need to create a post about it. The best thing is that the the response post can be […]

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