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Is It Right To Criticise Struggling Parents?

“To all those people criticising Prince William, I say fuck you.”

Source: Is It Right To Criticise Struggling Parents by The Life of Tont

So I just came across the blog post above thanks to MummaScribble’s #TwinklyTuesday linky and boy am I glad I read it! I had heard snippets on the radio last Saturday night about the whole interview thing Prince William did on Vietnam radio and I am very shocked to hear that people have criticised him for saying that he finds parenting a struggle.

Parenting struggles aren’t means-tested. Whether you are earning £100+ a year or scraping by on £10 a week, you are a human being and entitled to express your feelings, emotions and opinions. This includes members of the Royal family – they are human too! To criticise someone like that because of their social status is disgusting and appalling. Of course having wad loads of money definitely helps when it comes to materialistic things but you know the saying “money can’t buy love” – it also applies to parenting. Just because you have money, you don’t become immune to the challenges of being a parent throws at you.

It’s such an old-school way of thinking. My mum is like that – she believes that if you are from a healthy class you will have no problems in life. She believed it so much that when I first got pregnant she was so disappointed that I didn’t find someone “better” (she means someone white, middle-class and wealthy) instead of a regular ol’ guy.

Personally, I thought the Prince was very brave in coming out and telling the world about it. A bit of a weird place to first mention it though (on Vietnam radio) but maybe no-one has really asked the Prince how he’s felt since he became a second-time dad… who knows. Either way, people need to just chill.

That’s just my two cents. 🙂