Have A Massage, It Helps!

The Greenwich Mummy | UK Family Lifestyle Blog

So last night I had LO in bed with me and for some reason I can never sleep good on a low pillow, my head has to be raised at all times but with LO in bed I adopted a weird sleeping position and as a result, I really messed up my neck. The muscles […]

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Review: Mandara Spa Bali Santi & Tropical Blooms Collection

The Greenwich Mummy | Mandara Spa Collection Review

I love spa products and anything with a scent that reminds me of exotic flowers, coconuts and cocoa butter. From previously working with a spa that used Elemis products (a great British spa brand), I’ve developed a nose for spa products that smell very similar to their products. I found these wonderful (and cheap) products […]

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How To Do Spa Facials At Home

*Warning: Lengthy post* For #WellnessWednesday, I thought it would be nice to do an in-depth “How-To” blog post. Coming from a spa industry background, I know how important it is to look after yourself from the inside out. One of the best things about spas is that it is a sanctuary not just for your body, […]

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My Review On The Wahanda App

| In response to the Professional Hairdresser’s Wahanda App Anniversary To celebrate #WellnessWednesday, this review is all about the Wahanda App. Wahanda is an online service platform that offers you all types of hair, beauty and spa treatments from thousands of providers all around the UK. The site launched its own app last year (downloaded 250,000 times […]

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