Curly Girl Method for straight-ish wavy hair: was it all worth it?

The Curly Girl Method.
Is it worth doing? Is it not?
How much commitment do you need to give it?
Did it make a difference?

Five years on, I can now finally look back on my experiences and tell you how I found the Curly Girl Method on my straight-wavy hair. You will find lots of CGM blog posts on here as I documented my hair journey as much as I could in those years.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I thought it’s only right to update you all on what’s been happening and if I have any new hair tricks and tips for you all!

My hair types settled back into 1C which I’ve decided I’m not going to fight anymore. My 2A waves still come out every now and then but most days, I’m at 1C – that’s straight hair with some kinks or bends if you’re not familiar with the hair terms. They are confusing I know!

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