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Days out: Sensory Sundays with Nahdz Adventures

I first met mumpreneur Nahdia @Nahdz_Adventures from a Paint & Slurp event that was ran by her and London artist @artsybeaumont which was super fun. This was a few years ago and the craft event is all about bonding with your child making art together on canvas whilst enjoying a healthy smoothie. Since then, I’ve been going to Nahdia’s amazing sensory workshops, Sensory Sunday with Nahdz.

The now-mum-of-three is an amazing, a real supermum – she blogs, runs her own business, takes care of her boys and travels with the kids in between. Mumspiration right there! She’s also supports lots of small businesses; when I first qualified for my kids yoga teacher training, she came along to my classes with her boys without fail. I’ve since moved away from there so haven’t been able to yoga with her and her boys as much anymore but I’m so glad I got to spend a good few months with teaching them family yoga. I could see the boys progressing in their yoga poses and strength every week.

Nahdia with two little attendees / Photo credit: @Nadz_Adventures

What is Sensory Sunday with Nahdz?

Sensory Sunday with Nahdz is a monthly workshop that allows children to explore, play, and experience sensory stimulation (messy play) in a fun and safe environment. Parents can sit back and mingle with other parents or get just as involved with their children. The children can play to their heart’s content without anyone telling them “don’t make a mess” – every child’s dream. At the end, parents can walk away happy whilst Nahdz and her team work their magic clearing everything away. It’s guilt-free fun!

It’s a very inclusive event and is suitable for any child that likes sensory/messy play or you’d like to introduce your child to sensory/messy play. Little Man and my nephew loved the one I took them to a couple years ago. I haven’t taken Little Miss before so I think she will really enjoy the event. As I now work weekends, this makes it harder to do things with the kids when I’m not around. Daddy P is not really the best at looking out for these fun things to do.

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Dinosaur table / Photo credit: @Nadz_Adventures

Play, play and more play!

Nahdia usually sets up around 4 different trays (depending on number of children attending, PS parents/carers go free!) each with a different sensory element. The one we attended we had a dinosaur tray filled with pulses, rocks and plastic dinosaurs, another table had coloured rice and magnetic numbers and letters. It was even fun for me to plunge my hands into so I know the kids loved it. There’s also usually a special guest (ie. a book reading with an author) at the end of the workshop too which is a perfect way to wrap up the event.

The workshop is for children as young as pre-walking babies and toddlers up to primary school age. I took Little Man when he was 5 and he really couldn’t get enough of it!

The Greenwich Mummy | Family Lifestyle Blog
Seaside table / Photo credit: @Nadz_Adventures
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | London Family Lifestyle Blogger
Alphabets table / Photo credit: @Nadz_Adventures

Okay, where do I sign up?

Check out @Nahdz_Adventures instagram page or Eventbrite for upcoming Sensory Sunday dates. So far, the events have been held at Space@61 in Dulwich which is a cosy space that can be hired for events. I love the venue, it’s super family-friendly. It’s quite easy to get to with parking spaces nearby and outside the venue.

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Teddy Bear’s Picnic At Toddler Sensory

I’ve been taking LO to the toddler sensory classes in Greenwich for the last three weeks and I think LO really enjoys it. Today’s theme was ‘teddy bear’s picnic’ – mine and LO’s first teddy bear’s picnic in fact and I can say it was very fun for both of us! Last week we had a safari theme, and the week before was an underwater world theme.

The classes always start with approx. 20mins of free play with the soft play equipment, rudy space hoppers, bouncy castle and various other things i.e. ball pool. LO loves it because he gets to become the little monster that he is and plays with everything. After that’s done, we tidy away the equipment to one side of the spacious room. The toddler sensory teacher sings a greeting song and then tells the children a short story based on the theme of the class using music, bubbles, toys and other fun things that stimulates their senses and develops their learning.

It’s always great fun until LO decides to throw a tiny tantrum because he’s either peckish, bored, tired or all three. Last week, one of the other toddlers kept wanting to do what LO was doing. When he went to get his snacks, she followed him and wanted his snacks… when he wanted his drink, she wanted to drink it too! It was quite funny and cute but I think the toddlers’s mum wasn’t too sure… her exact words were “annoying” which I found very amusing as that’s exactly how I would’ve felt if it was the other way round, for sure.

If you are looking for a parent and toddler group to attend and want your little ones to learn through play and song, I highly recommend the Toddler Sensory classes. Ours is held at St. Marks Community Centre in Greenwich but there are a few others around London if you don’t live in SE London. Please check out my Local Activities page for more details or visit their website for more information i.e. times, dates and prices. The classes are run during term-time only.