The Greenwich Mummy | Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review

My July 2016 LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

I’ve been a strong fan of these beauty subscription boxes for a little while now. Before LookFantastic, I had only subscribed to Birchbox and a few times with Glossybox which I never got round to reviewing on my blog. Maybe I will one day soon.

Anyway this post is all about my LF beauty box and what  I got in the July edition.

The Greenwich Mummy | Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review
Nicely packaged and complete with a beauty box product guide

I no longer subscribe to any boxes for longer than a couple of months simply because I don’t ever use the products quick enough. I have a habit of saving the goods and either giving them away to friends or family. Saying that, I may just use some to host a blog giveaway instead! 🙂

Let me start by saying that the Look Fantastic box is GIANT compared to Birchbox and Glossybox and so I assumed there would be bigger samples – yay! I was wrong. They were the same travel-sized products but just in a larger box. I found the box a little hard to open too as the box is not as smooth as the other two I mentioned previously.

Here’s a few snaps of the contents in my #LFSUMMERLOVIN box…

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

I got a lovely travel-sized edition of Elle magazine which was lovely to read as I’ve only been reading my Gurgle magazines recently. The following goodies I got in my #LFBeautyBox are:

MiTi hair bobbles
Because I tie my hair back quite a bit, normal hairbands leave a bit of tension against my scalp due to the pulling but these bobbles are a godsend as I can’t feel them in my hair at all.

Bella Pierre lip and cheek stain
The lip and cheek stain is a little too pink for me but that is just my personal preference. I preferred using it as a cheek stain than lip stain as it has a slightly matte look on my lips. My lips get dry really easily so I think that’s why it’s not really right for me.

This Works ‘In Transit Camera Close Up’
This all-in-one mask/primer/moisturiser was nice and easy to apply. It did feel rich when I applied it on to my face but it soon sank in really well and felt almost weightless on my skin. My skin is going through a little dehydration at the moment and this moisturiser helped to keep my skin moisturised without leaving a heavy feel like some other moisturisers I’ve used before.

Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse
I got the original Nuxe dry oil in my April Birchbox which I have really enjoyed using and said I wanted to try the shimmer version. The golden shimmer is subtle and perfect on sunny days or on holidays.

Kebelo Silk anti-frizz hair serum
Humidity can sometimes cause my hair to frizz which I usually tame with a leave-in conditioner. This hair serum worked really well on my hair and didn’t leave it feeling greasy at all. My hair was left more manageable and felt less bulky. Perfect!

Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil
I’ve always known Benefit to be a really good make-up brand and they didn’t let me down with their new eyebrow pencil. The pencil stayed on all day which is perfect for me as I am not good at topping up my makeup throughout the day. It was slightly tricky for me to first it during the first attempt as it’s an angled shape but I got used to it super quick. I actually prefer it over my Sleek brow kit which I never thought I’d say!

The Greenwich Mummy | Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review
Benefit’s eyebrow pencil was easy to use and lasted all day

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The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Monday Morning Catch Up #6

Like last week, I haven’t taken LO out to anywhere this week either – I feel really guilty now as it’s been two weeks (possibly more) in a row but I just haven’t seem to find the energy to do anything with him. Next Monday’s update should be a little more exciting as there’s a funfair that is going on at the moment in Woolwich Common which I’m hoping will still be around next Friday and hopefully the weather will be more sunny so I can take him to the park again.

On Saturday we stayed in and chilled. We now have my nephew over every weekend so it’s not been too bad for LO staying indoors. Usually we’re up early in the morning for rhyme time but we haven’t gone for ages as LO’s sleeping patterns have gone AWOL and he’s being staying up much later at night and therefore not awake until 10-11am which is when the last session of rhyme time starts. It’s okay though but I am going to make it my mission to attend next week with both LO and my nephew in tow.

LO loves playing with his nephew so much and they have so much fun just running around the house chasing each other. In the evening after writing up a new post about boys and pretend play, I decided that I had a lot of stuff in the house that I could easily give to the boys as props for dressing up and doing pretend play at home. I had dummy glasses, a pilot hat, a sun hat, dummy sunglasses, toy mobiles; the boys picked their favourite props and I turned on the music and we all had a good boogie… including myself! – it was a good workout for me and super fun for all of us. 🙂

We woke up to the faint sounds of clapping. Luckily I have very sound-proof windows so around 80% of noise is blocked out. We had woken up just in time for the Virgin London Marathon 2015 mass entries to start. We had missed the wheelchair races and the women’s race as they started around 09:00 but we were in time for the men’s and the mass entries at 10:10. Luckily for us, my lovely little flat lays right on the main road so we got to see all of the action live from my balcony window. It was a spectacular moment and I felt really empowered seeing all those runners and the public cheering them on. The roads also didn’t have too many people so it meant that passers-by could stand and watch without having to be squashed together due to over-crowding.

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

After the race had passed by and moved on, the roads were quiet again. I checked my Twitter feed and found out that Uli from Found Some Paper had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I really couldn’t believe it! The only other time I was nominated (well, I nominated myself as the blogger had made it an open-nomination for any newbie blogger) was the Liebster Award but this time, it was for real and I was very grateful of receiving the nomination. The post will be up shortly so make sure you check back to see who I’ve nominated for the award in return.

While I was scouring my list of bloggers for who I can nominate, I remember that a fellow blogger, Emma from Emma Inks had been creating some video blogs (vlogs) and she is such a natural at it I know I’m not going to be as good as I get really nervous about videoing myself but nevertheless thought it’s best to conquer my fears and give it a try… and it wasn’t too bad! I also had a ‘light-bulb moment’ and thought if everything goes well and I can build more confidence doing it, it may also be really cool for my readers as it’ll give my blog another dimension which I thought would be really cool. You can take a look at the Youtube video here and let me know what you think of it as I really want to get me readers (that’s you!) involved. 🙂

I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Let me know what you guys have been getting up to below.

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature

Vlogging – What Do You Think?

So after being inspired by Emma from Emma Inks and her recent vlogs, I wanted to give it a try to see how I’d find it… and it’s not too bad. I’m thinking to use it to add another dimension to my blog posts so instead of just reading it, you’ll be able to get a vlog (a video-blog) version of it too however I think I will just do it on certain things like product reviews or shopping hauls otherwise I’d probably ramble on too much.

Should I stick to just blogging or should I add the video dimension?